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3D243 IdaAutorotationCOBALT 60DEF NEONDOLLSEamon MurtaghErasure Factory ActsFlavolousIzzie Voodoo and the PeopleKintsukuLa Lune NoireLeftfieldNight ClubPinklogikPunkdiscoSam & The SpacemenSEREBROSyd.31ToyahVile ElectrodesVoi VangYour Silent Face

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NEW WAVE OF WAVEFORM Radio – Dicepeople Interview

Black Nail Cabarettbats (the Boy and the Sine), Cynthia’s Periscope, Devoix, Ditsea YellaGertrud Stein Live und NeuesGIRLIJohn CostelloLegPuppyMicrovoltN /\ L /\Negative ResponsePrince RamaSOFT RIOTToyahTR/STThe WebbYour Silent Face

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DEF Radio 6th September 2017 – City Electronic previews & more

Promenade CinémaPARK FIRESVieonCristabel Christo & Twink, Shadows & MirrorsDs73Your Silent FaceTeslacoil321Brutalist Architecture in the SunBOO – Battery Operated OrchestraPunkdiscoThe Golden Age Of NothingThe Mother of CrowsByronic Sex & ExileThe WebbJan Doyle BandRepublica (Official)The DepartmentHeliophileFindley Webster Official & Shotty 4hf, Dancing With Ruby

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D.E.F. Radio 20th September 2016 – One of Yours, One of the Other

We asked artists to submit a track by someone else if they wanted to get played on the show. This was the rather wonderful result.

Nature of Wires – We All Kill
CHROM – Visions
Real Experts – Centre of Attention
Milan – I Don’t Know Why I Can’t Decide
LorD and Master – Saints and Sinners
Voi Vang – Sleepless Night
Promenade Cinéma – Chemical Haunting
Icicle Boy – Economy
Strobegirl – Heaven Today
DEF NEON – Winter
PreCog – Are We Lost?
You & Me Both – Your Love
Northern Kind – Yours
Gertrud Stein – Total Normal
Werner Karloff – Modern Communication
DAF – Der Mussolini
Naked Lunch – Weekend Behaviour (Alternate States Version)
Global Citizen – It Aint Over
Teslacoil321 – Skyhook
Illustrial – Buzzkill
Your Silent Face – Car Trouble
Brutalist Architecture in the Sun – Abandoned Factory/Concrete Love Song
Pulselovers – Red Eden White Nights
hausfrau – Black is the Colour of my True Love’s Hair
Black Nail Cabaret – Fekete
Ultranoire – Lost (Shifting Realities)
GravitySlip-Pete Calvert – Forte Coeur
Jan Doyle Band – No Flesh
Damsel in the Dollhouse – It’s a Good Day
Jan Doyle Band – Fighters
Voxtrot Alpha – Displace Me
The Alpha Video (John Kerruish) – Love Come Strange
The Flood – Second Guest
Oppenheimer MKII – I Wish I Never Said I Loved You
Jan Doyle Band – Nitrate Visions (live in studio)
Jan Doyle Band – Feral Nihilist (live in studio)
Zundapp – Shadows
Trans Atlantic Crush – Waiting For the Girl

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D.E.F. Radio – 2nd August 2016: Best of Depeche Mode (excluding singles) (part 1)

As selected by listeners:

Doncaster Electronic Foundation – D.E.F. Theme 2016
Depeche Mode – Black Celebration (for Jay Smith)
Deviant UK – Access Denied
Depeche Mode – Surrender (for Samantha Smith)
Depeche Mode – Should Be Higher (for John Peacey)
Microchip Junky – Punk Out
Depeche Mode – My Joy (for Sebastien Deruwez)
Shiny Darkness – Bitter Kiss
Depeche Mode – Shout (for Rob Green)
The Department – Skin Vultures
Depeche Mode – Something to Do (for Dean Clarke/ Jason Pearson)
Brutalist Architecture in the Sun – Popular Lies
Depeche Mode – Told You So (for Chris Mines/ Jamie Jamal)
This Human Condition – Telepathic Heights (Club Mix)
Depeche Mode – Route 66 (for Barbara Moser)
Darksynth FX – Neon Melancholy
Depeche Mode – Alone (for Ilya Vitalysson Blinov)
Depeche Mode – In Your Memory (for Mat Handley/ Keith Whitham)
Natasha Cobold – Galactican
Depeche Mode – Puppets (for Nina Dove)
Damsel in the Dollhouse – Forever Knight
The Overload – Concrete Island
Depeche Mode – Nodisco (for Steve Lamb)
Voxtrot Alpha – Want You To Stay
Depeche Mode – Pipeline (for Simon Helm)
Depeche Mode – Clean (for Emese Árvai-Illés / Geoff Martin)
Black Nail Cabaret – Criticial Cult of Dora
Blott – Things Will Never Be The Same
Depeche Mode – Blue Dress (for Andrew Heighway)
Depeche Mode – If You Want (for Mike Cooper_
Depeche Mode – Lie To Me (for Mark Brooks)
Your Silent Face – Sun and the Rainfall (ft Parralox)
Night Club – Bad Girl
Depeche Mode – Nothing (for Andy Buckle)
Icicle Boy – End of Days
Ds73 ft Amanda Jane Rogers – Recovery
Depeche Mode – Dangerous (For Lee Lambeck)
You & Me Both – Your Love

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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio 2nd Feb 2015


Chasing Rainbows by Pinklogik

Body Mass – XL Mix by Uncles of Wise

Smear by Your Silent Face

Der Sheriff by Nena
Official site

  by The Webb

Recovery (Ft Amanda) by Ds73 ft Amanda
DS73 Twitter Amanda twitter

Depeche ModeEnjoy The Silence (Extended remix) by Ramsey Sounds

Don’t Dance by Erasure
Official Site

These Are the Days by The Human League
Official Site

Eisbar by Exomene (ft The Wishing Well)

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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft’s Second Masquerade finally released!


Like halloween 2013 we asked artists to come up with some interesting cover versions – a masquerade if you will. Let’s all pretend to be someone else. So here you are another 9 tracks of delightful cover versions, some of which are quite unexpected. Huge thanks to everyone who generously gave their time for free to produced the superb collection of tracks. Here’s links for the artists.

The Webb – facebook Bandcamp
Tracksuit Managers – facebook Bandcamp
Factory Acts – facebook bandcamp
The Alpha Video – bandcamp.com
Kurt Dirt – facebook
Pulse Lovers – facebook Soundcloud
Jan Doyle Band – facebook
Your Silent Face – Bandcamp
John Merrick’s Remains – Official Site


Have a listen and download below. Enjoy.


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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 30 – Your Silent Face interview


Omega 75 – DRUGS

Uncles of Wise – Jellybean (Pink Mix)

Black London – Tunnler (Eops remix)

Ravd – Mnml


Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Fu Manchu (Dubstep Mix)
Official site

Your Silent Face Interview

Depeche Mode – If You Want

Your Silent Face – Generator Techno *EXCLUSIVE*

Xkore (ft Ooo) – Empty Space

MD – Untitled 11


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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Episode 29 – ATTRITION


Factory Acts – Thirst

Soft Riot – Another Drone (Inside Your Head)
Official Site

Vile Electrodes – Empire of Wolves (Live in Cologne)

Your Silent Face – Kleinean Transform

In This Mode – New New Wave

3D – Random Stranger


ATTRITION – One Horse Rider

The Human League – Dreams Of Leaving
Official Site

M73 – Sleepyhead

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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft’s Sea, Sun Synth and Sand release

Enjoy our entirely for free compilation of electro tunes connected with summer. Sometimes in a decidedly vague way. Big thanks to everyone who kindly produced a track for us to share with you.

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