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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio 1st March 2016 – Pinklogik interview

1. D.E.F. Theme 2016  – Doncaster Electronic Foundation
2. Pinklogik - INTERVIEW
3.Chasing Rainbows – Mosaic Electronic
4.Long Haul – Cadence EP
5.Your Loneley Eyes – Your Lonely Eyes EP
6.Aqueather – Syn Metry
7.My Name Is Pinklogik (With a K on the end) – Pinklogik
8.Bide Your Time - Random Access Memory
9.Bobbin Winders – Music For Testcards and Collages
10.They Weren’t Normal – Music for Testcards and Collages
12.Patriarchaeth – Gwenno
13.Complicated Machine - Future Perfect
14.The Feeling Pt II - The Circuit Symphony
15.Hellfire - The Webb
16.After The War – The Alpha Video
17.Enemy – The Alpha Video
18.Empty Chair - Voxtrot Alpha
19.No So Manic Now - Dubstar
20.Midnight and Royal Curve
21.Habit - Curve

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