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Night Shift Celebrates Siouxsie’s birthday weekend


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Sioux and Me part 1

As I’m putting on a coupple of gigs to celebrate Siouxsie’s 60th birthday this year, I feel like writing about how I drifted into worship of this mighty being. Hopefully I can get over to you the reasons why she has been such an inspiration, though I was somewhat late to the party.

So let’s go back to 1990 for where the story really begins…



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Top 10 Siouxsie TV performances

10. That time she went on Top of the Pops looking like THAT

9. When she introduced everyone to a new style of music which was drums and vocal only

8. When she proved she was stunningly majestic even sitting down

7. When she appeared back on TV first time after the Banshees split and blew us all away (particularly with Prettiest Thing)

6. Proving that at 50 she’s still more powerful than many half her age.

5. When she portrayed that stark teutonic coldness of the music perfectly

4. This

3. When she was perfect 1930s Liza Minelli Cabaret

2. When she embraced the Ice Queen image fully

1. When she was utterly sharp shark like perfection

Also join us tonight at 7pm for this


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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 3 – Factory Acts

def3Continuing the theme of continuing by simply not stopping, DEF radio enters its third week of existence. As has been the case with the previous two you can find out the track listing and so forth after the page break.


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