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Pilosa – Live in Sheffield 25th June 2016

pilosaPilosa are a three piece electro outfit from Sheffield who wear their LCD Soundsystem influences quite proudly on their sleeves. When they are wearing things with sleeves that is and not just t-shirts. Which they are here. Obviously.

We’re not really normally quite into the more funky hip hop inspired sound that Pilosa do but yet there is something awfully infectious and appealing about it in this instance. There’s a clear glee and enthusiasm bursting from them about what they’re doing and frankly bags of musicianship and professionalism. Such qualities are hard to resist, alongside some actually really rather catchy tunes.

Here’s a couple of videos we took of them from last saturday night so why not have a look for yourself to see the enjoyment that can be had.

You can find more Pilosa tunes on soundcloud and facebook and twitter:

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