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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio 17th May

Moloko – Knee Deepen
Add N to (X) – Murmur One
Voltage Controlled Music – Mist
Gary Numan Official – Angel Wars
Fad Gadget – Back to Nature
Living Dead Girl – Skylines
Ari Mason – Beasts Tonight
Electraset – Transistor (On Your Radio)
Tokyo Witch Hunt – Signs
Promenade Cinéma – Somebody’s Watching Me (Rockwell Cover)
Lt 303 + Blurred Girl – Royals
Pulselovers – Red Eden White Nights
The Alpha Video – Zito
Jan Doyle Band – 35 Footsteps Black
Meter Bridge – It Was Nothing
Teslacoil321 – My Only Reward
Lucky+Love – Full Moon

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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio 18th Feb 2016 – Lucky and Love in Focus


Lucky+Love – Sexy
Real Experts + Strobegirl – Laser Me To Heaven
MODERNS -Sub Urban (Video Void Remix)
Lucky + Love – Mars
Ace Wilder – Riot
Voxtrot Alpha – Don’t Want To Be Alone Tonight
Lucky + Love – You’ll Never Know
The Aircrash Bureau – Meine Liebe Geht Mit Dir
In this mode – Commemoration (Nature of Wires remix)
VOWWS – Councillor
Nk-Riot – Disco 83
L.A. Drones – Horrible Dreams
Lucky + Love – Digging In the Earth
Souvenir Season – Parachute (Doncaster Electronic Foundation Remix)
Ari Mason – Brother
CountessM – Draggin The Line
Pulselovers – It’s All In the Detail
The Alpha Video – Penny Drops
John Foxx – Underpass
Ultravox (Official) – When The Scream Subsides
Lucky and Love – Venus
Massive Attack – Teardrop
Jan Doyle Band – Burn You (Live in the studio)
Promenade Cinéma – A Chemical Haunting
Jan Doyle Band – Nine While Nine (Sisters of Mercy cover)
Microvolt – Clock
Lucky + Love – Full Moon

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D.E.F. Radio 10th August 2015 – D.E.F. Goes to the Movies

Popcorn ready? Let’s go to the movies! 3 hours of synth soundtrack tunes and cinema related music.

1.Stimulus Progression by MUZAK
3.D.E.F. Theme by Doncaster Electronic Foundation
4.Escape From New York (Main Theme) by John Carpenter
5.She’ll Have Her Revenge (Deathstalker 2 theme) by Chuck Cirino
6.Barbarians theme by Pino Donaggio
7.Truckin’ (from American Ninja 2: Conquest) by George S Clinton
8.Tech Noir / Alley Chase (Terminator 2 Soundtrack) by Brad Fidel
9.Suspiria Theme by Goblin
10.Pray for Dawn opening titles by Derek Anthony Williams
11.Diamond chase (Thief Soundtrack) by Tangerine Dream
12.Nightflyers Main Theme by Doug Timm
13.The Capture (Conquest Soundtrack)by Claudio Simonetti
14.Noon (Liquid Sky soundtrack) by Slava Tskukerman
15.Love Breaks (Tuff Turf soundtrack) by Keith Emerson
16.Revenge of the Ninja theme by Rob Walsh
17.Midnight Run by Giorgio Moroder
18.Educating Rita Theme by David Hentschell
19.I Am The Future (Class of 1984 Soundtrack) by Alice Cooper
20.Song for Stephen (Sex, Murder, Art) by The Alpha Video
21.Human Fly (Cramps cover – Phantom Cinema version) by Pulse Lovers
22.Chemical Haunting by Promenade Cinema
23.Cinema Eyes by Soft Riot
24.Turtle Power by Partners in Kryme
25.Dare to be Stupid (From Transformers animated movie) by Weird Al
26.Flashdance (what a feeling) by Irene Cara
27.Take My Breath Away (Top Gun Soundtrack) by Berlin
28.The Last Film by Kissing the Pink
29.Working in a Coal Mine (from Heavy Metal Soundtrack) by Devo
30.The God Film by Gary Numan
31.Alone (suggestion from Promenade Cinema) by Editors
32.Movie by Daybehavior
33.Shower Scene by Saint Etienne
34.He Took Her To a Movie by Ladytron
35.Nowhere Girl (extended) by B-Movie
36.Together in Electric Dreams (Electric Dreams soundtrack) by Giorgio Moroder & Philip Oakey
37.Blade Runner (End theme)by Vangelis

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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft’s Second Masquerade finally released!


Like halloween 2013 we asked artists to come up with some interesting cover versions – a masquerade if you will. Let’s all pretend to be someone else. So here you are another 9 tracks of delightful cover versions, some of which are quite unexpected. Huge thanks to everyone who generously gave their time for free to produced the superb collection of tracks. Here’s links for the artists.

The Webb – facebook Bandcamp
Tracksuit Managers – facebook Bandcamp
Factory Acts – facebook bandcamp
The Alpha Video – bandcamp.com
Kurt Dirt – facebook
Pulse Lovers – facebook Soundcloud
Jan Doyle Band – facebook
Your Silent Face – Bandcamp
John Merrick’s Remains – Official Site


Have a listen and download below. Enjoy.


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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft’s Sea, Sun Synth and Sand release

Enjoy our entirely for free compilation of electro tunes connected with summer. Sometimes in a decidedly vague way. Big thanks to everyone who kindly produced a track for us to share with you.

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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 15 – (catch up with) Spacebuoy


Jan Doyle Band – Unforgotten

Jan Doyle Band – Drop Dead

Eurasisaneyes – Fantasy World

Jan Doyle Band – Start of War (Pulse Lovers remix) (Early version)

Flowerpot Men – Joe’s So Mean<
Spacebuoy Interview

Spacebuoy – How Much Does it Hurt

Gold Zebra – Love French Better

Covenant – Leaving Babylon

Vandalaze – Scrambled

Front 242 – Crushed (Obscene)

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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio 11 – EurasianeyeS




Tokyo Witch Hunt – Therapy

Hot Pink Abuse – Lost In Time

The Girl and the Robot – Borderline

Tones on Tail – Performance (12″ version)

The Glitch Mob – Becoming Harmonious

Cabaret Voltaire – Cut the Damn Camera

EurasianeyeS interview

EurasianeyeS – Crisis

Spacebuoy – How Much Does it Hurt

James Ray and the Performance – Dust Boat

Ultravox – Hymn

Pulse Lovers – Autumn Arrives




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