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DEFSYNTH radio 21st Jan 2019


Featuring and EXCLUSIVE first play of a new Syd.31 track never played anywhere before.


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radio mixcloud

3D ,Antipole ,Brutalist Architecture in the Sun ,Action Directe ,Black Nail Cabaret ,The Department ,ELIZABETE BALČUS ,The Frixion ,Hypersunday ,Jan Doyle Band,Katja von Kassel ,Kintsuku ,James Knights ,MADMOIZEL,PSYDOLL,Punkdisco ,Real Experts ,Rodney Cromwell ,Shelter Official ,SoftWave,Tiny ,Magnetic PetsVelvet Kills ,Voi Vang

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Night Shift Radio live show 17th Sept 2016

1. Night Shift Theme by Night Shift
2. Dark Entries by Bauhaus
3. Leave by Dawn by The Black Riders Cult

Night Shift and Blood Apple Club present Jan Doyle Band, Black Riders Cult live at Frog and Parrot

4. She’s immolation by Canis Lupus
5. Hollow Minds by Jindivik
6. Dust by Phantom Leaf
7. Empty Men by Luxury Stranger
8. Sidelined by Children on Stun
9. Elder Statesmen by In Isolation
10. Last Rites by Jan Doyle Band

See Luxury Stranger, In Isolaiton @ JDB at

Night Shift Nottingham – Luxury Stranger, In Isolation, Jan Doyle Band

11. Chose Eleven by The Webb
12. Leatherface by John Merrick’s Remains
13. I Lost My Friend to a Videogame by Mechanical Cabaret

See Mechanical Cabaret, John Merrick’s Remains, The Webb and JDB atDEF Live #17 – Mechanical Cabaret, The Webb, John Merrick’s Remains, JDB

14. Do it Like Pete Burns by Mr. Strange
15. It Aint Over by Global Citizen
16. One Horse Rider by ATTRITION
17. Dawnrazor by Fields Of The Nephilim
18. Control by Among The Echoes
19. Motherlove by Wrapped in Plastic
20. Omen by PSYDOLL

Global Citizen / Psydoll / Jan Doyle Band

21. Lip on the Floor by Duck

Night Shift – Presents Psydoll at Goth City Festival

22. Caucasion Walk by Virgin Prunes
23. Syringe by Emilie Autumn
24. Catwoman by Death Party UK
25. Peppermint Pig by Cocteau Twins
26. Sandstorm by DEFILE


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Night Shift Radio 20th May 2016 – SHOWCASING: The Gifted

nsradio20thmcThe Gifted – This Makes Me Feel Alive
Panic DHH – No More
Alec Empire – Addicted To You
Mortiis – The Grudge
The Gifted – Slowly Fading
Sister Machine Gun – Burn
Vandalaze – Dog Jerk
Skinny Puppy – Dig It
G.G.F.H. – Room 213
The Gifted – Catch Me
Gary Numan Official – My Jesus
Fields Of The Nephilim – Dawnrazor
Marilyn Manson – Cruci-Fiction in Space
The Gifted – Entropy
PSYDOLL – Machinery Lemmings
Dive / Sonar / Absolute Body Control (Dive) – Blood Money
Einsturzende Neubauten – Die Interimsliebenden (Single Edit)
The Gifted – Break (Jan Doyle Band Remix)
Evulva – Dive
Jan Doyle Band – Fighters (live in studio)
The Gifted – What You Believe


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