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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio 17th May

Moloko – Knee Deepen
Add N to (X) – Murmur One
Voltage Controlled Music – Mist
Gary Numan Official – Angel Wars
Fad Gadget – Back to Nature
Living Dead Girl – Skylines
Ari Mason – Beasts Tonight
Electraset – Transistor (On Your Radio)
Tokyo Witch Hunt – Signs
Promenade Cinéma – Somebody’s Watching Me (Rockwell Cover)
Lt 303 + Blurred Girl – Royals
Pulselovers – Red Eden White Nights
The Alpha Video – Zito
Jan Doyle Band – 35 Footsteps Black
Meter Bridge – It Was Nothing
Teslacoil321 – My Only Reward
Lucky+Love – Full Moon

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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio – New Sounds All Around 10th May 2016


Faint Waves – Never Lose Your Cool
You & Me Both – Make You Love Me
Sunset margin – Ostracisim
Dr 5 Notes – Danny’s Theme
Andrulianblog -Destinies Before You
The Scientific Method – Blade Runner Score (Reimagined)
Raven H0lm – Brave New World
Electrix 85 – Restless (I Can’t Be) (radio edit)
Mink 99 – Modular Blues
Fatalist – Chipsum
Darksynth FX – Memory Dimension
Derek Anthony Williams – (untitled)
Safe House – Lost Highway ( https://soundcloud.com/safehousenew…/safe-house-lost-highway)
A Tease – Operation Sledgehammer Part 1
A Tease – Operation Sledgehammer Part 2
Computronic – If Only
Izzie Voodoo and the People – Void
The Alpha Video – Electropop’s Gonna Save the World
Prince Rama – Bahia
Prince Rama – Your Life in the End
Daybehavior – Movie
Kraftwerk – Computer Love
Promenade Cinéma – A Chemical Haunting
Jan Doyle Band – Oblivion/Burn You (Live in Studio)

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D.E.F. Radio – Archive 2

Tracklist below:

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Promenade Cinema live at Frog and Parrot, Sheffield 31st March 2016

As The World Stops Revolving


A Chemical Haunting

Leaving Notes



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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio 9th November 2015 – Night Club interview


There’s about 45 minutes of interview time spliced with the wonderful music of Night Club and a couple of other things.

It was so lovely to talk to them and we chatted about various things including if it’s a stigma for synth music to be associated with the 80s, how they got the Moonbeam City soundtrack job and also which way round the toilet roll should go on the holder.

More Night Club links:

Interview about writing the Moonbeam City soundtrack:


Bandcamp for downloading songs:




Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio 9th November 2015 – Night Club Interview by Defsynth on Mixcloud

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Track list below… (more…)

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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio 28th September 2015 – Normal Service: The Johnny Normal Interview



The interview with the lovely Johnny Normal. Just in case you don’t know (though it’s mentioned in the interview) Johnny suffered a seriously life threatening illness which was saved thanks to incredibly special help at a Leicester hospital ECMO unit. Johnny’s aim now is to raise funds for the place that saved his life, 3000 people sent him well wishes and yet he’s not reived as much £1  per well wish. Help him out with a donation below:


Or you can help out by buying this Yazoo tribute album where all funds raised go toward Johnny’s charity.

Buy the Yazoo tribute album on itunes here:


Listen on mixcloud (podcasts will be resumed when we get our ftp details back)

Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio 28th Sept 2015 – Normal Service: The Johnny Normal Interview by Defsynth on Mixcloud

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New release news 5th May 2015

Our good friend, Microchip Junky has put out a a new release of delightful analogue bleeps and bloops called ‘Spot Wobble’. You can grab it for a ridiculously cheap £1 and that gets you 6 different mixes and that’s basically like getting it for free. Have a listen to it here:

One of Yorkshire’s best new synth bands last year was Berlyn Trilogy headed by Dorian Cramm. He opted to leave that project behind and has now begun a new one under the name of Promenade Cinema where he is joined by Blurred Girl, who as you may recall joined us for a euro cheese special at the end of 2013 and was briefly a part of Jan Doyle Band. To us it sounds like the perfect evolution from the work he did within Berlyn Trilogy, keeping a sonic theme but moving on into even greater more expressive territory. Here’s a Chemical Haunting, it will delight your ears muchly.

Bluetown Electronica’s Paul Randall released a new EP yesterday as his excellent Tesla Coil project. It’s called Beltek and continues his delight form for superb off kilter unusual beat arrangements. What’s more is it’s totally free. Can’t get cheaper than free. Also it was his birthday yesterday so happy birthday Paul! Keep up the creativity

Jan Doyle Band played live in Lancaster at the weekend and also did a dark DJ set of goth and other things which you can listen to on mixcloud here:

Jan Doyle Band Dj set @ Dark Side of the Lune 2nd May 2015 by Defsynth on Mixcloud

That’s all for now, until next time!

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Our coming events:



Ticket options
State Shirt size if required

Videos of artists below!


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