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DEFSYNTH Radio Series 4 – 15th October 2018

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mad poster tour
Select event below:

(NOTE you do not get a ‘ticket’ as such, your paypal payment confirmation is enough. Your name as it appeared in the payment will be on a list on the door)

Mad Moizel Show Location

Appearing on all dates: JAN DOYLE BAND

In Sheffield on the 2nd November

The Silent Age


Sticky Pearls


In Coventry on the 3rd Nov VIEON

Morocco Dave


In Manchester on the 5th November – Weimar

And Leifert

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DEFSYNTH Vs Halloween, 27th October Stag’s Head Hoxton


Black Light Ascension

Minimal post-punk inspired stripped raw dance tracks and mechanized angst and paranoia. Joy Division, Birthday Party, DAF, Chrome, TG, Wall of Voodoo, Clock DVA with a dash of Front 242…

She Made Me Do It

She Made Me Do It are a London two-piece New Wave Electronica style band made up of Shaheena Dax (Rachel Stamp) on Vocals and Keyboards with Will Crewdson (Rachel Stamp/Scant Regard/Adam Ant/Bow Wow Wow/Flesh For Lulu/Johnette Napolitano/The Selecter) on Guitars and Keyboards

Jan Doyle Band

Insurrectionary Neo Futurists weaving their flamboyant and spectacular way through goth, industrial, punk, post punk and synthpop with stunning live performances that are never the same twice.

Dead Blood Cells

Dead Blood Cells were formed in very early 2017 in Medway, bringing together a number of influences including Darkwave, Electro-Industrial and more of those tricky Post-Punk genres. Through the first year they had a number of well received outings, and after some line up changes, are refining their sound with a new set. It is a marriage of hauntingly sweet dark vocals with industrial noise and post-punk/Goth guitar

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Night Shift Sheffield – Mechanical Cabaret, Jan Doyle Band, The Black Riders Cult

ns sheffield3 a3
Buy advance tickets below:


More info below:

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Gig review: Lene Lovich live Cargo, London 18th October 2016 with Butterfly Wheel




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Night Shift Nottingham – Luxury Stranger, In Isolation, Jan Doyle Band 30th Sept

ns nottingham

Tickets £5 advance from the link below or pay £6 on the door




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D.E.F. Live #16 – Brutalist Architecture in the Sun, Jan Doyle Band, Pulselovers, Duck

DEF16 flyer


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Night Shift Radio – Episode 1

nsrmcNight Shift Theme
Bauhaus – She’s In Parties
The Cure – Charlotte Sometimes
Double Echo – Distance
Lebanon Hanover- Gallowdance
Zeitgeist Zero – Domestic Blitz / Tersa Smith interview / Dust and Bone / interview / Loose Lips Sink Ships / interview / Lights Go Down (Bump n Grind Mix)
Jet Noir – Warrior’s Blood
Quasimodo – Kiss of Death
The Danse Society – Red Light
Dawn of Elysium – Doused In Green
Jan Doyle Band – Now and Never
Toyah – Computer
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Candyman
Beautiful Losers – Late Night Show (for Rhona Meuter of genetic music)
UV PØP – Portrait
Passion-Play – Modern Life
New Model Army – Vagabonds
The Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion
John Merricks Remains – Cuts and Bruises
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Talk About The Weather
Klaus Nomi – You Don’t Know Me (for Gregory Wright)
Romeo Void – Never Say Never (For Maren Northway)
Rubella Ballet – Twister
DEFILE – Slink
The KVB – Never Enough
The Soft Moon – Far
Terminal Gods – Electric Eyes
Rosetta Stone – Eye For the Main Chance (dedicated to Robert Maisey for his stellar work in logging bootlegs at http://heavyleathersex.wordpress.com )
Fields Of The Nephilim – Preacher Man (for Ryan Wilson)
DeLooze – Lost Army
Skeletal Family – She Cries Alone

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Night Shift our new Dark Alternative night


We’re trying something a bit different.. not really synth related. We’re talking a walk on the dark side…

Advance tickets come with a free download of the latest Jan Doyle Band EP ‘Darker Days’, mp3 of the 12″ version of The Danse Society’s ‘Child of Paradise’ track and a live acoustic version of the Zeitgeist Zero track ‘Blood’.

Ticket options

More info below…

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Album Review: Hands of Industry – Killing the Yes Men

killing yesHailing from Leeds, West Yorkshire, Hands of Industry have been playing live since 2013 and by taking influences from both 80s and 90s electronic acts are providing another welcome alternative to the myriad guitar bands. Unlike many electronic acts, H.O.I. opt to have live drummer rather than drum machine to give the more emotive human element that can often be missing from electronic music. It’s an effective choice and really will help them stand out.

This is their debut album release and we have to remark on the effective nature of the artwork; a superb striking image that really can help the album stand out. Inner artwork also compliments the whole atmosphere with bleak, stark images of decay and desolation along with choice lyrical quotes. So far so good but you may be wanting to know how the music stacks up and what it’s like right?

They describe themselves as falling somewhere around Depeche Mode mixed with The Sisters of Mercy and while to some extent we can see the Depeche Mode thing we don’t really feel much of The Sisters. If they must be compared to other bands then we would suggest there is a bit of a Numan thing going off, what with the live drums and the fondness for string synth sounds. Another band that springs to mind is Joy Division; the bleakness of the atmospheres involved and vocal tonality certainly bring Ian Curtis to mind.


There’s many a vocal hook on here that sticks in the mind long after you’ve finished listening and it’s a pleasure to hear some music that isn’t full of your typical arpeggios. There’s a lot of synth music that sounds rather like Erasure and while we’re big fans of Erasure here we don’t need 500 more Erasures. We always admire and appreciate something that does things a little different and H.O.I. please us immensely by not being just another copycat band.

While perhaps we could have used a little bit more variety in tone on the album it’s still not one that ever gets boring despite the tracks mostly being around the 5 minutes mark. Two tracks in particular that stick out are “It’s Not a Dream” and “It’s Not That Hard” which take a slower pace and have just that bit extra to stand out from the crowd, the latter certainly bringing Joy Division‘s Amosphere to mind. “Power in Silence” is probably the star track of the more upbeat songs with excellently timed vocal phrasing punctuating the music. If indeed you can truly call any of the album upbeat when we’re largely dealing upset most of the time.

You can buy “Killing the Yes Men” on itunes or on Compact Disc

Visit them on facebook and Twitter

Live dates at time of writing:

03 May 2015 MELLOR STOCK charity music festival

09 May 2015 THE CRESCENT PUB, Salford, supporting the impressive A.A.A.K ( As Able As Kane)

22 May 2015 THE DUBLIN CASTLE, Camden, London

29 May 2015 THE BLACK SWAN, Bradford, support from FACTORY ACTS (Salford) and DJ MARK M ( Mark Musolf)

Watch a live video of “Power in Silence” below:

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