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DEFSYNTH.COM’s New Wave of Waveform Radio Show – LEGPUPPY INTERVIEW 12th Feb 2018

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Just in time for lunch! Here’s the upload of last night’s Radio show! Derek interviews LegPuppy – ABOUT HIMSELF! In a glorious twist from the normal methods of interviewing Derek takes a leaf out of Jo Whiley’s book and makes the interview all about him for a change. About time he got all the attention clearly. Narcissistic prick that he is.

The Alpha Video, The Brooklyn FoundationBrutalist Architecture in the SunDicepeopleDitsea YellaGertrud Stein Live und NeuesGrimesIcicle BoyJan Doyle BandJimmy AndrexJohn Peacey(Microchip Junky), LOLLY POPMoi SaintPinklogikPromenade CinemaSOFT RIOTStill Forever

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FINALLY! The #womeninelectronic music special is up! Nearly 3 hours of fabulous female driven electronica featuring the likes of:

Sky High Diamonds, Pinklogik, Black Nail Cabaret, Void Vision, Nina Belief,Vile Electrodes, The Magickal, Voi Vang, mitra mitra, niet, Hypersunday,Hexamoten, Xiu, Lucia Fenix, Factory Acts, Darksynth FX, The Sweetest Condition, Living Dead Girl, Prince Rama, Damsel in the Dollhouse, I Speak Machine, Hannah Peel and more

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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio 1st March 2016 – Pinklogik interview

1. D.E.F. Theme 2016  – Doncaster Electronic Foundation
2. Pinklogik - INTERVIEW
3.Chasing Rainbows – Mosaic Electronic
4.Long Haul – Cadence EP
5.Your Loneley Eyes – Your Lonely Eyes EP
6.Aqueather – Syn Metry
7.My Name Is Pinklogik (With a K on the end) – Pinklogik
8.Bide Your Time - Random Access Memory
9.Bobbin Winders – Music For Testcards and Collages
10.They Weren’t Normal – Music for Testcards and Collages
12.Patriarchaeth – Gwenno
13.Complicated Machine - Future Perfect
14.The Feeling Pt II - The Circuit Symphony
15.Hellfire - The Webb
16.After The War – The Alpha Video
17.Enemy – The Alpha Video
18.Empty Chair - Voxtrot Alpha
19.No So Manic Now - Dubstar
20.Midnight and Royal Curve
21.Habit - Curve

Doncaster Electronic Foundation's photo.


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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio 2nd Feb 2015


Chasing Rainbows by Pinklogik

Body Mass – XL Mix by Uncles of Wise

Smear by Your Silent Face

Der Sheriff by Nena
Official site

  by The Webb

Recovery (Ft Amanda) by Ds73 ft Amanda
DS73 Twitter Amanda twitter

Depeche ModeEnjoy The Silence (Extended remix) by Ramsey Sounds

Don’t Dance by Erasure
Official Site

These Are the Days by The Human League
Official Site

Eisbar by Exomene (ft The Wishing Well)

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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 42 – Brooke Aldridge/Glean/Pop Inc/Lolly Pop


In this episode we have a chat to Brooke Aldridge who has worked under quite a few guises though mainly Glean, Pop Inc and Lolly Pop (in reverse chronological order there).

Brutalist Architecture in the Sun – I’m Going to Stand My Ground

Pinklogik – Long Haul

Dubstar – Not So Manic Now
Official Site

Izzie Voodoo and the People – Void

Lolly Pop – Elevator Operator

Brooke Aldridge Interview including music:

Pop Inc – Looking for the KLF
Official Video

Pop Inc – Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Official Video

Pop Inc on facebook

Glean – Mother
Glean on Facebook

Pyskosonic – Panik Kontrol

Lola Dutronic – Beautiful World

Factory Acts – Fantasy

Glean – Growing Pains

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