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DEFSYNTH radio 21st Jan 2019


Featuring and EXCLUSIVE first play of a new Syd.31 track never played anywhere before.


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Night Shift Radio 8th April 2016 – Nic Moriarty DJ set

Naked Lunch – We Are
Front 242 – Headhunter
undertheskin – COLD
The Hearse – Blackout
Two Witches (Official) – Requiem
Die Laughing (band) – Safe Little World
The Webb – Take Me
Zeitgeist Zero – It’s Not Easy Being Strange
Spiral69 – Ritual
Nic Moriarty DJ SET:
Xmal Deutschland – Incubus Succubus 2
Virgin Prunes – Pagan Love Song
Tones on Tail – Christian Says
The Cure – Grinding Halt
Adam and the Ants – Deutsche Girls
Snowy Red official – Euroshima (War Dance)
Section 25 – Looking from a Hilltop
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Arabian Nights
The Danse Society – Danse/Move
Sex Beat – Sex Beat
Alien Sex Fiend – Now I’m Feeling Zombified
Sandra Plays Electronics – Her Needs
New Order – Mesh
The Sisters of Mercy – Walk Away
Specimen – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (12″ version)
The Damned – New Rose
A Split – Second – Flesh (Middle)
Ministry – Over the Shoulder (12″ version)
John Merricks Remains – Damaged Brain
Jan Doyle Band – Waiting (live in the studio)



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Donkaster Electronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 9 – Spacebuoy interview

deflradio9Track list:

Gina X Performance – Prime Mover

Add N to X – The Sound of Accelerating Concrete

Drinking Electricity – Dischord Dance

Violent Vickie – Drugs

Eurasianeyes – Far Off Land Radio Edit.

Landscape – European Man (Extended)

Spacebuoy Interview

Spacebuoy – Breathe

New Order – Temptation

Izzie Voodoo and the People – Ghost from the Past (demo) (with added typing sounds)



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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 3 – Factory Acts

def3Continuing the theme of continuing by simply not stopping, DEF radio enters its third week of existence. As has been the case with the previous two you can find out the track listing and so forth after the page break.


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