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D.E.F. Radio 27th March 2017 – Synth Wave Live special

A special show about the Synth Wave event in London April 1st. More info below:

April 1st, Join us in celebration of Artefaktor Radio’s 1st anniversary and see some of the most cutting edge synth wave and electronic artists in the world. All the artists are regularly played on the popular THE SYNTH WAVE SHOW on Artefaktor Radio – we believe this is the most exciting current live electro line-up in the world. Experience all 11 stunning acts between 2pm and 11.30pm, then it’s DJ time til 3am!

Lineup: NINA, Neon Lines, SoftWave, Steven Jones & Logan Sky, Tiny Magnetic Pets, BOO – Battery Operated Orchestra, The Department, Brutalist Architecture in the Sun, Mechanical Cabaret, Sol Flare, Nature of Wires DJs: Rob Harvey (Synth City) & Chi Ming Lai ( The Electricity Club)

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D.E.F. Radio 20th September 2016 – One of Yours, One of the Other

We asked artists to submit a track by someone else if they wanted to get played on the show. This was the rather wonderful result.

Nature of Wires – We All Kill
CHROM – Visions
Real Experts – Centre of Attention
Milan – I Don’t Know Why I Can’t Decide
LorD and Master – Saints and Sinners
Voi Vang – Sleepless Night
Promenade Cinéma – Chemical Haunting
Icicle Boy – Economy
Strobegirl – Heaven Today
DEF NEON – Winter
PreCog – Are We Lost?
You & Me Both – Your Love
Northern Kind – Yours
Gertrud Stein – Total Normal
Werner Karloff – Modern Communication
DAF – Der Mussolini
Naked Lunch – Weekend Behaviour (Alternate States Version)
Global Citizen – It Aint Over
Teslacoil321 – Skyhook
Illustrial – Buzzkill
Your Silent Face – Car Trouble
Brutalist Architecture in the Sun – Abandoned Factory/Concrete Love Song
Pulselovers – Red Eden White Nights
hausfrau – Black is the Colour of my True Love’s Hair
Black Nail Cabaret – Fekete
Ultranoire – Lost (Shifting Realities)
GravitySlip-Pete Calvert – Forte Coeur
Jan Doyle Band – No Flesh
Damsel in the Dollhouse – It’s a Good Day
Jan Doyle Band – Fighters
Voxtrot Alpha – Displace Me
The Alpha Video (John Kerruish) – Love Come Strange
The Flood – Second Guest
Oppenheimer MKII – I Wish I Never Said I Loved You
Jan Doyle Band – Nitrate Visions (live in studio)
Jan Doyle Band – Feral Nihilist (live in studio)
Zundapp – Shadows
Trans Atlantic Crush – Waiting For the Girl

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Synthetic City 3 event review


The third big synth night in Birmingham as organised by mr Johnny Normal was another resounding success. Here’s our recap of the evening:

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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio 18th Feb 2016 – Lucky and Love in Focus


Lucky+Love – Sexy
Real Experts + Strobegirl – Laser Me To Heaven
MODERNS -Sub Urban (Video Void Remix)
Lucky + Love – Mars
Ace Wilder – Riot
Voxtrot Alpha – Don’t Want To Be Alone Tonight
Lucky + Love – You’ll Never Know
The Aircrash Bureau – Meine Liebe Geht Mit Dir
In this mode – Commemoration (Nature of Wires remix)
VOWWS – Councillor
Nk-Riot – Disco 83
L.A. Drones – Horrible Dreams
Lucky + Love – Digging In the Earth
Souvenir Season – Parachute (Doncaster Electronic Foundation Remix)
Ari Mason – Brother
CountessM – Draggin The Line
Pulselovers – It’s All In the Detail
The Alpha Video – Penny Drops
John Foxx – Underpass
Ultravox (Official) – When The Scream Subsides
Lucky and Love – Venus
Massive Attack – Teardrop
Jan Doyle Band – Burn You (Live in the studio)
Promenade Cinéma – A Chemical Haunting
Jan Doyle Band – Nine While Nine (Sisters of Mercy cover)
Microvolt – Clock
Lucky + Love – Full Moon

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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio – 5th October 2015: Tesla Coil in focus

def51015Teslacoil – Disengage

John Merricks Remains​ - Breathe
Official Site

ATTRITION​ – One Horse Rider
Official site

MURMUS​ – May All Your Nightmares Come True

Vile Electrodes​ – Stark White
Online shop

The Webb​ – Liquid and Love

Tesla Coil – Spirit

Rit-C – Nameless
Free download

Telsa Coil – Void

Jet Noir​ – Cold Day In Hell

Nature of Wires​ ft Countess M- Dance With Your Own Skeletons

Jan Doyle Band​ – Start of War (Live in the studio)

Tesla Coil – My Only Reward

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D.E.F. Radio 24th August 2015 – Passion Play’s Icelandic Day


1. D.E.F. Theme by Doncaster Electronic Foundation
2. Girl and the Robot by Robyn + Royksopp
3. Hexatony by Hexamoten
4. Hvernig á að særa vini sína by Múm
5. Brighter Days by FM Belftast
6. Hrafnar by Samaris
7. All is Full Of Love by Bjork
8. Svörtu Augun Þín by Úlfur Úlfur
9. Indendaro by Hekla
10. Desire (Live Airwaves 2004) by GusGus
11. You Again by Árstíðir
12. Monster Forest by Berndsen
13. Hypnose by Ólöf Arnalds
14. Perfect Menagerie (Ft Countess M) by Nature of Wires
15. Dirty Electronic by Microchip Junky
16. Then and Now by Touching the Void
17. Full Moon by Lucky + Love

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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio 20th July 2015 – New Releases Show

1. D.E.F. Theme by Doncaster Electronic Foundation

2.Change by Daybehavior
Official Site

3.I Believe by Lola Dutronic

4.Difficult Times by Blott

5.Mars b y Lucky & Love
official site

6.We Kill All (Ft Countess M) by Nature of Wires

7.Disengage by Teslacoil

8.Kill Your Demons by The Alpha Video

9.Sicko by Kevin Lux
Official site

10.Who Stole My Chips by Microchip Junky

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