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D.E.F. Radio 20th September 2016 – One of Yours, One of the Other

We asked artists to submit a track by someone else if they wanted to get played on the show. This was the rather wonderful result.

Nature of Wires – We All Kill
CHROM – Visions
Real Experts – Centre of Attention
Milan – I Don’t Know Why I Can’t Decide
LorD and Master – Saints and Sinners
Voi Vang – Sleepless Night
Promenade Cinéma – Chemical Haunting
Icicle Boy – Economy
Strobegirl – Heaven Today
DEF NEON – Winter
PreCog – Are We Lost?
You & Me Both – Your Love
Northern Kind – Yours
Gertrud Stein – Total Normal
Werner Karloff – Modern Communication
DAF – Der Mussolini
Naked Lunch – Weekend Behaviour (Alternate States Version)
Global Citizen – It Aint Over
Teslacoil321 – Skyhook
Illustrial – Buzzkill
Your Silent Face – Car Trouble
Brutalist Architecture in the Sun – Abandoned Factory/Concrete Love Song
Pulselovers – Red Eden White Nights
hausfrau – Black is the Colour of my True Love’s Hair
Black Nail Cabaret – Fekete
Ultranoire – Lost (Shifting Realities)
GravitySlip-Pete Calvert – Forte Coeur
Jan Doyle Band – No Flesh
Damsel in the Dollhouse – It’s a Good Day
Jan Doyle Band – Fighters
Voxtrot Alpha – Displace Me
The Alpha Video (John Kerruish) – Love Come Strange
The Flood – Second Guest
Oppenheimer MKII – I Wish I Never Said I Loved You
Jan Doyle Band – Nitrate Visions (live in studio)
Jan Doyle Band – Feral Nihilist (live in studio)
Zundapp – Shadows
Trans Atlantic Crush – Waiting For the Girl

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Night Shift Radio 8th April 2016 – Nic Moriarty DJ set

Naked Lunch – We Are
Front 242 – Headhunter
undertheskin – COLD
The Hearse – Blackout
Two Witches (Official) – Requiem
Die Laughing (band) – Safe Little World
The Webb – Take Me
Zeitgeist Zero – It’s Not Easy Being Strange
Spiral69 – Ritual
Nic Moriarty DJ SET:
Xmal Deutschland – Incubus Succubus 2
Virgin Prunes – Pagan Love Song
Tones on Tail – Christian Says
The Cure – Grinding Halt
Adam and the Ants – Deutsche Girls
Snowy Red official – Euroshima (War Dance)
Section 25 – Looking from a Hilltop
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Arabian Nights
The Danse Society – Danse/Move
Sex Beat – Sex Beat
Alien Sex Fiend – Now I’m Feeling Zombified
Sandra Plays Electronics – Her Needs
New Order – Mesh
The Sisters of Mercy – Walk Away
Specimen – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (12″ version)
The Damned – New Rose
A Split – Second – Flesh (Middle)
Ministry – Over the Shoulder (12″ version)
John Merricks Remains – Damaged Brain
Jan Doyle Band – Waiting (live in the studio)



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Track list below… (more…)

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Show catch up

We’ve been really busy and unable to find time to upload the shows to the site. So here’s the mixcloud links to allow you to catch up on them.

Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio – 16th March 2015 – Hypersunday in focus by Defsynth on Mixcloud

Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio – 23rd March 2015 – Meter Bridge new album previews by Defsynth on Mixcloud

Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio – 30th March 2015 – The Sound of Yorkshire by Defsynth on Mixcloud


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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio 2nd Feb 2015 – The Webb Album previews


The Alpha Video – Electropop’s Gonna Save The World
The Alpha Video – Real Love

Voxtrot Alpha – I Walk These Streets (Custom Synth Remix)

Vuduvox – Berlin

Naked Lunch – Rabies (Sigue Sigue Sputnik Remix)

Wladyslaw – Confudidos

Hausfrau – Black is the Colour of my True Love’s Hair

Voltage Controlled Music + Eigenfrequenz – Limitations of Splendour (Excerpt)

Vague Notion – More Than We Know
Vague Notion – Antidote

The Webb – My Dying Wish
The Webb – Never Be The Same
The Webb – Plastic Child
The Webb – In A Dark Place

Almark – Implode

Darksyn – Alien Life

Ministry – Everyday is Halloween

Jan Doyle Band – Ghost Rider (suicide cover)

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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 26 – Dean Clarke of 3D

deflradio26Room of Wires – Dead Skins

Vile Electrodes – Empire of Wolves (single)
Merch site

Tommy Ft Sally Shapiro – Why Did I Say Goodbye

The Webb – Runaround

Tokyo Witch Hunt – On the Ceiling
Official Site

Interview – Dean Clarke of 3D

3D – I Want a Riot

Eminent Sol – Beautiful World

Naked Lunch – We Are

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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 17


Jan Doyle Band – Fighters
Gertrude Stein – U Bahn
John Foxx – A Long Time
Soft Riot interview
Soft Riot – You’ve Been a Seeker for Long Enough
Dance Naked – Bronze Contempt
Meter Bridge – Responding Wtih a Kiss
Naked Lunch- Alone
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Sea Of Light

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D.E.F. Live #9 – Naked Lunch with (in alphabetical order) The Department, Jan Doyle Band, Mangabros 20th June 2015


We have several ticket options for you, on the door collection at £5, posted at £6 and with one of our stunning D.E.F. shirts at £12 posted

Ticket options

Tickets will be available on the door on the night for £7


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