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D.E.F. Radio live show 2nd Sept 2016 – The Human League: Best of the Singles

The Human League – Being Boiled, Dignitiy of Labour pt 1, Empire State Human
Duck – Sirens
Brutalist Architecture in the Sun – Abandoned Factory
The Human League – Marianne, Being Boiled (travelogue version)
Strobegirl – Stars For You
Strobegirl – Heaven Today
mesh – Tactile
mesh – Crash
The Men (The Human League) – I Don’t Depend on You
The Human League – Boys and Girls, Only After Dark
Pulselovers – Human Fly (Cramps cover)
The Human League – Love Action
The Human League – Open Your Heart
Meter Bridge – It Was Nothing
Damsel in the Dollhouse – Darkness
Black Nail Cabaret – Critical Cult of Dora
Human League – Life On Your Own, The Lebanon, Sound of the Crowd 12″, Heart Like a Wheel, Soundtrack to a Generation
Voi Vang – Lights of the City
Hypersunday & Omega dB – 10,000 feet
Hypersunday & Resonance – Jumping the Waves
Yamo (Wolfgang Flür & Donna Regina) – Mosquito
Human League – Tell Me When, Filling Up With Heaven, One Man in My Heart
Your Silent Face – Gordon’s Gin (Human League Cover)
Vague Notion – Heat Wave
The Human League – All I Ever Wanted
The Human League – Don’t You Want Me

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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 35 – John Merrick’s Remains Takeover


We  are most pleased to have Doncaster’s original Darkwave electro band John Merrick’s Remains performing live in the studio and selecting their favourite songs this time. Here’s the track list for the show:

John Merrick’s Remains – Hellraiser (Live in the Studio)

Mechanical Cabaret – Disbehave (Mesh Asbo Mix)
Official Site

Ultravox – The Man Who Dies Everyday
John Foxx Site

John Merrick’s Remains – Hollow Man (Live in the Studio)

Gary Numan – The Calling
Official Site

Depeche Mode – Walking In My Shoes
Official Site

Edge of Dawn – Descent
Official Site

John Merrick’s Remains – Leatherface (Live in the Studio)

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