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def220315mcKas Product – So Young But So Cold
SOFT RIOT – You are a caged dancer
The Alpha Video – Beautiful Disgrace
Gretta Gunn – Metal
Subterranean/MURMUS (Subterranean) – Missing Man
Helix Pulsar – Insane Fascination
Tiny Magnetic Pets – Boom Boom Boom
AkA Musik – Perfect 120
LOLA DUTRONIC – Harley Davidson (radio edit)
Solar Bears – Cosmic Runner
Haüer – Merc II
Le Cliché – Aquaphobia
Night Trap – Rogue Spirit
PolydroiD – Ode to an Android
Glass Dancer – Humanoid
Prince Rama – Bahia
Kármán Line – Time
Dark Room Notes – Let’s Light Fires
Toby Kaar – Bread
School of Seven Bells – Open Your Eyes
Låpsley – Cliff
Souvenir Season – Parachute
Souvenir Season – Julius

Particular thanks to Futuresque Records without whom we wouldn’t have discovered so many glorious tunes from Ireland and also Manufactured Desire recordings who also provided some top notch tunes from Ireland.

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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio 20th July 2015 – New Releases Show

1. D.E.F. Theme by Doncaster Electronic Foundation

2.Change by Daybehavior
Official Site

3.I Believe by Lola Dutronic

4.Difficult Times by Blott

5.Mars b y Lucky & Love
official site

6.We Kill All (Ft Countess M) by Nature of Wires

7.Disengage by Teslacoil

8.Kill Your Demons by The Alpha Video

9.Sicko by Kevin Lux
Official site

10.Who Stole My Chips by Microchip Junky

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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Christmas Special coming soon!


This is happening on monday, you can chat with us at http://radio.defsynth.com. We’ve got tremendous things to give away loads of fun things happening. So do join us!

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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 42 – Brooke Aldridge/Glean/Pop Inc/Lolly Pop


In this episode we have a chat to Brooke Aldridge who has worked under quite a few guises though mainly Glean, Pop Inc and Lolly Pop (in reverse chronological order there).

Brutalist Architecture in the Sun – I’m Going to Stand My Ground

Pinklogik – Long Haul

Dubstar – Not So Manic Now
Official Site

Izzie Voodoo and the People – Void

Lolly Pop – Elevator Operator

Brooke Aldridge Interview including music:

Pop Inc – Looking for the KLF
Official Video

Pop Inc – Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Official Video

Pop Inc on facebook

Glean – Mother
Glean on Facebook

Pyskosonic – Panik Kontrol

Lola Dutronic – Beautiful World

Factory Acts – Fantasy

Glean – Growing Pains

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