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DEFSYNTH.COM’s New Wave of Waveform radio show: OUTLAND special 19th March 2018

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Last’s night’s broadcast

A bit of an Outland special, interviewing organiser Stuart McLaren and previewing artists playing Outland Presents:Dana Jean Phoenix, Nightcrawler +Special Guests

Plus Synthetic City London 2018 Electronic Music Festival previews

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Frequency DJ Mix 16th June 2016



As regular long term listeners will be aware, Emma ‘Blurred Girl’ Barson of Jan Doyle Band, Berlyn Trilogy and ultimately Promenade Cinema used to run a synthpop dj night in Chester. After she moved away from her university town the whole thing came to a regrettable end as after all, Sheffield is quite some way from Chester. Anyway to cut a long story short she’s been running it rather splendidly in the Frog and Parrot pub in Sheffield every third thursday of the month for three months. This confluence of threes resulted in us being asked to do some DJing for the third event. And here is our rather Prince Rama infused set of female vocal synth tunes. Enjoy! It’s quite an eclectic mix…


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OUT NOW! Izzie Voodoo and the People – Photos EP

Izzie Voodoo and the People combines the wonderful synth talents Derek Williams of Jan Doyle Band and the magnificent vocals and lyrics from Izzie Kirk of Tokyo Witch Hunt. Despite both bands have a tendency toward the dark side the result of this is much more pure synthpop in tone. Derek says “It had been an ambition for a long time to produce something more pure synthpop, nothing particularly pretentious about it just damn good songs with general appeal. I think the result is pretty special and I’m really pleased with it.”

The project came about after Derek decided to do a remix of Izzie’s classic track The White Line, the music of which Izzie liked so much she wanted to make it an entirely new track. This was the track Sanity and thus a new project was born.

Derek excited at the prospect of creating some synthpop quickly set to work producing some rather synthwave influenced musics taking inspiration from the likes of College, Kavinksy, Electric Youth and so forth. Something pure unashamedly lovely synthpop rather than the darker music he is known for in Jan Doyle Band; a bright shiny pop heart beats beneath many a demonic persona…

It’s well known that anything touched by the hand of Ms Kirk turns to gold and these tracks on which she appears are clearly no exception. From the catchy vocal hooks of Photos, through the dancey techtronica of Sanity to the beautifully sincere synth ballad Ghost from the Past, this collaboration is one bound to delight even the most casual synthpop fan.

Here’s some quotes of what people have said about the project so far:

“Christmas has come early this year in the Form of Izzie Voodoo and The People ‘s brand new EP Photos 7 tracks of some of the finest electropop  making me an instant fan I’ve had it on repeat all week!!!” - Jason Older, Electronic Transmissions Radio

” Great synth work on this – really colourful analog synths and great melodies – works well with the vox. An exciting new, punky synth wave project – love it” Rob Green of Electro London / The Department 

” ‘The pumping energy and edginess is back with the excellent coupling of Izzie Voodoo and Derek Anthony Williams on the brilliant brand new EP Photos, do you ears a favor and download this excellent new EP now.” – Andrew Skerat Kennedy of Synthopia Electro Radio show

Released on the 14th of December 2015 on Doncaster Electronic Foundation recordings.photos ep rear

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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 42 – Brooke Aldridge/Glean/Pop Inc/Lolly Pop


In this episode we have a chat to Brooke Aldridge who has worked under quite a few guises though mainly Glean, Pop Inc and Lolly Pop (in reverse chronological order there).

Brutalist Architecture in the Sun – I’m Going to Stand My Ground

Pinklogik – Long Haul

Dubstar – Not So Manic Now
Official Site

Izzie Voodoo and the People – Void

Lolly Pop – Elevator Operator

Brooke Aldridge Interview including music:

Pop Inc – Looking for the KLF
Official Video

Pop Inc – Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Official Video

Pop Inc on facebook

Glean – Mother
Glean on Facebook

Pyskosonic – Panik Kontrol

Lola Dutronic – Beautiful World

Factory Acts – Fantasy

Glean – Growing Pains

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Donkaster Electronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 9 – Spacebuoy interview

deflradio9Track list:

Gina X Performance – Prime Mover

Add N to X – The Sound of Accelerating Concrete

Drinking Electricity – Dischord Dance

Violent Vickie – Drugs

Eurasianeyes – Far Off Land Radio Edit.

Landscape – European Man (Extended)

Spacebuoy Interview

Spacebuoy – Breathe

New Order – Temptation

Izzie Voodoo and the People – Ghost from the Past (demo) (with added typing sounds)



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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 8 – The Webb



Track list:

Electromatic 2 review by Mat Handley

Spacehonky – Europa’s Mass

Izzie Voodoo – Sound

Kas Product – Never Come Back

Cabaret Voltaire -Sensoria

The Webb Interview

Gary Numan – I Die You Die (Alternate Version)

Gary Numan – I Die You Die (7″ version)

The Webb – Taste the Death

Godiego – Monkey Magic

Godiego – Gondara



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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio 1 – Weirdgear


The first ever DEF Radio show with Derek Williams and Mat Handley. So without further ado here’s the playlist for the episode:





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