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NEW WAVE OF WAVEFORM Radio – Dicepeople Interview

Black Nail Cabarettbats (the Boy and the Sine), Cynthia’s Periscope, Devoix, Ditsea YellaGertrud Stein Live und NeuesGIRLIJohn CostelloLegPuppyMicrovoltN /\ L /\Negative ResponsePrince RamaSOFT RIOTToyahTR/STThe WebbYour Silent Face

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New DEFSYNTH Recordings Releases – Devoix & Jan Doyle Band

Two fabulous new releases we’ve recently put out on bandcamp for you that are free until the end of the month.


Combining the talents of Rachel Jaques of Voi Vang fame and Derek Anthony Williams of Jan Doyle Band fame, they have produced some sublime synthpop. Taking influences from The Human League, Chvrches, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, it’s stylish modern electropop at its very best.


Taking a brighter musical route that is less synthy than before, JDB refuse to be predictable. People have likened the sound to Beck, Hypothetical Prophets, Tom Waits and Ian Dury. According to the band it was inspired by Republica and Kylie. So there you go.

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DEFSYNTH.COM RAdio 20th November 2017 – You Might Not Like This, Open Mic Night album special

Last night’s radio show, focusing on the YOU MIGHT NOT LIKE THIS – Electronic Music Open Mic album that was curated by Martin Christie. And also playing the acts from Winter Kills – Alternative Electronic Music

Featuring music from
243 IdaAlex LeeA Collection of Notes, Apta (Barry Smethurst),Brutalist Architecture in the SunDicepeopleElle Call, Hellrocky,HypersundayKintsukuLucky+Love, Poet and the Loops AKA – Martin ChristiePunkdiscoRickerlySt LuciferTangerinecatTOOMV-Sor,X


Buy the compilation from http://youmightnotlikethis.bandcamp.com from just £4

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DEFSYNTH Radio – City Electronic Interviews & more

Featuring interviews with:
The Department
Promenade Cinéma

And music by:
BLT63 – https://soundcloud.com/user-703758059
Damsel in the Dollhouse
Devoix ( Jan Doyle Band & Voi Vang)
Gnomefoam https://gnomefoam.bandcamp.com/ ( Steve Bromley )
Poet and the Loops (Martin Christie )
Still Forever
Voi Vang

Don’t forget City Electronic – An evening of live synthpop is on this friday grab your tickets for just £5 now!

Ticket options


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DEF Radio 23rd October 2017 – Golfrapp Silver Eye Special

Goldrapp – Anymore
Voi Vang – Cards
Findley Webster & Shotty 4HF – Shock
Vieon – Proteus
The Department – Let It Go
Goldfrapp – Systemagic
Cristabel Christo – Kill Me
Black Nail Cabaret – CO
Damsel in the Dollhouse – Loki
Punkdisco – Bleach Scented Skin
Brutalist Architecture in the Sun – A13 Dual Carriagewave
Dicepeople – Synthetic
Goldfrapp – Become the One
PARK FIRES – Dead Beat City
Grimes – California
Poppy – Interwebs
Promenade Cinéma – Words of a Stranger (Rework)
Devoix – Closer
BOO – Battery Operated Orchestra – Live Rail ( Jan Doyle Band remix)
Train To Spain – Believe in Love
NINA – My Mistake
Hemmingway – Frontiers

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