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DEFSYNTH.COM’s New Wave of Waveform Radio Show – 19th Feb 2018

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243 IdaAllesThe Black QueenBen BloodygraveBlack Nail CabaretBlancmangeCountessMCynthia’s PeriscopeDicepeopleDitsea YellaThe Frixion (exclusive first play of Deceive a Believer!) Gertrud SteingleanJan Doyle BandLegPuppyThe Luddite CollectiveNew NeonNINANunPromenade CinemaSexy SuicideSOMBRE MoonPunkdiscoTokyo Witch HuntWe Are: UXThe Webb

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DEFSYNTH.COM Radio – THE NEW WAVE OF WAVEFORM & Winter Kills previews 27th November 2017

Featuring WINTER KILLS bands:

Brutalist Architecture in the Sun
Jan Doyle Band

Grab a £5 advance ticket NOW

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And other acts of THE NEW WAVE OF WAVEFORM:

243 Ida
Alan Morgan
Devoix (Derek Anthony Williams & Voi Vang)
Gnome Foam (Steve Bromley)
Findley Webster Official

Jeff McCall Music
Keeper of Bees
mitra mitra
Sexy Suicide
Shiny Darkness
Vague Notion
We Are Us

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DEFSYNTH.COM RAdio 20th November 2017 – You Might Not Like This, Open Mic Night album special

Last night’s radio show, focusing on the YOU MIGHT NOT LIKE THIS – Electronic Music Open Mic album that was curated by Martin Christie. And also playing the acts from Winter Kills – Alternative Electronic Music

Featuring music from
243 IdaAlex LeeA Collection of Notes, Apta (Barry Smethurst),Brutalist Architecture in the SunDicepeopleElle Call, Hellrocky,HypersundayKintsukuLucky+Love, Poet and the Loops AKA – Martin ChristiePunkdiscoRickerlySt LuciferTangerinecatTOOMV-Sor,X


Buy the compilation from http://youmightnotlikethis.bandcamp.com from just £4

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