Sioux and Me part 1

As I’m putting on a coupple of gigs to celebrate Siouxsie’s 60th birthday this year, I feel like writing about how I drifted into worship of this mighty being. Hopefully I can get over to you the reasons why she has been such an inspiration, though I was somewhat late to the party.

So let’s go back to 1990 for where the story really begins…

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Let’s Listen to… Siouxsie and the Banshees – Juju

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Night Shift Sheffield – Mechanical Cabaret, Jan Doyle Band, The Black Riders Cult

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Buy advance tickets below:


More info below:
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Night Shift Sheffield – The Silent Age, Jan Doyle Band, Duck


£3 entry and all proceeds go to Cathedral Archer project for homeless people in Sheffield.

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Night Shift Birmingham post gig report…

Here’s a bit of a recreation in audio form of the DJing and bands of the night.

Wrapped in Plastic despite being known much more than JDB in the area kindly agreed to go on first, making sure locals came out. What a spectacular opening it was with mannequins being smashed and all manner of wild noisy punky metal chaos.

The Webb put on a show which utterly won the audience over but that never really comes as a surprise. Becki and Marc are experts at this now and have such infectious songs…

Jan Doyle Band Put on a solid spectacular performance with a nicely balanced set between pacey striking numbers and more atmospheric slower tunes. Derek pulled out some of his best on stage shapes and proved hugely popular with the audience, frequently leaving the stage to sing directly to or at people…

Among The Echoes sound huge live. Undoubtedly all the better for not having a drummer if you ask me! Ian presents with less excess and flamboyance than the other bands on the bill did but yet has a connection with the audience. There’s a presence, an engagement and just obvious sign of utter delight at what he’s doing. Derek joined them for their finale of the song by The Sisters of Mercy ‘Lucretia My Reflection’ pulling out his best Andrew Eldritch impersonation

Squeaky Faye-Bakker of Wrapped in Plastic did some fantastic DJing keeping the dancefloor alive before JDB, Echoes and after…

Finishing the night dancing to Rules and Regulations by Fuzzbox Officialwas rather a highlight too. Doesn’t get much better than dancing to Fuzzbox in Birmingham…

Thanks hugely to Carol Canfer as well for helping with the whole arrangement and promotion of the event. Truly excellent to work with.

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A Fourth Masquerade now released

For four years now we’ve challenged artists to come up with cover songs of a different style to their normal, ideally something decidedly unexpected. The results are frequently unpredictable and always exciting and hugely varied. This year is no exception.

There’s more tracks than show on the bandcamp embed, some of them we’re keeping secret and hidden so you get a surprise when you download it. There’s about 23 tracks in total.

And here it is below:

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Night Shift Birmingham – Among the Echoes, Jan Doyle Band, The Webb, Wrapped in Plastic 19th November 2016




Night Shift goes to Birmingham! Details below…

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Gig review: Lene Lovich live Cargo, London 18th October 2016 with Butterfly Wheel


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Def17 previews

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FINALLY! The #womeninelectronic music special is up! Nearly 3 hours of fabulous female driven electronica featuring the likes of:

Sky High Diamonds, Pinklogik, Black Nail Cabaret, Void Vision, Nina Belief,Vile Electrodes, The Magickal, Voi Vang, mitra mitra, niet, Hypersunday,Hexamoten, Xiu, Lucia Fenix, Factory Acts, Darksynth FX, The Sweetest Condition, Living Dead Girl, Prince Rama, Damsel in the Dollhouse, I Speak Machine, Hannah Peel and more

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