Night Shift our new Dark Alternative night


We’re trying something a bit different.. not really synth related. We’re talking a walk on the dark side…

Advance tickets come with a free download of the latest Jan Doyle Band EP ‘Darker Days’, mp3 of the 12″ version of The Danse Society’s ‘Child of Paradise’ track and a live acoustic version of the Zeitgeist Zero track ‘Blood’.

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The Danse Society

Yorkshire legends of the post-punk scene from the early 80s. Producers of many many classics such as Heaven is Waiting, Red Light and a stonking cover of 2000 Light Years from Heaven. This is the original sound of the Danse Society not to be confused the pale immitation with a female vocalist. This is the only incarnation featuring the astonishing powerhouse of drumming that is Paul Gilmartin whose drumming epitomises the expressive tom usage prevalent in the original post punk era.

Zeitgeist Zero

Having blazed through the Yorkshire alternative scene for some time now Z0 (as we like to call them) have made quite the name for themselves. Combining elements of burlesque, metal and 40s swing their powerful female lead stage presence is not to be missed. Their new album Ghosts of Victory is a stunning example of best elements of the dark alternative scene.
John Merrick’s Remains

This masked theatrical horror electro rock duo are stalwarts of the Doncaster darkwave music scene with spectacular performance and outfits to match. Driving powerful songs that prove electro is far from a boring stood behind synths affair.

Jan Doyle Band

Flamboyant darkwave electro duo from Doncaster, combining a certain sinuey androgyny with a dark and minimal sound. A sound that covers many bases from synthpop to industrial there’s a huge variety and originality in what they produce. The chaos and excite

After the bands we’ve DJing of all your fav dark tunes from Sisters, Siouxsie, Mission,Bauhaus, Nephs and the newest darkness from the likes of Savages, Soft Moon and KVB…

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