Astonishing new video from Soft Riot

Jack of Soft Riot (who are playing our next event don’t forget) says this about his amazing new video:

The world at times seems like a chaotic, malevolent and frightening place with world events, the environment and the chaotic acceleration of progress which occupies my thoughts a lot of the time, as well as my own life, which is negligible in comparison but nevertheless has its own problematic troubles.

I had the ideas for this video in my head for a quite a while and got around to putting it all together a month or so ago. I’ve been really into video lately. I’ve really engaged with it and allows access to different dimensions that I sometimes can’t really get across with the music. I have a love/hate relationship with music, often myself being my own worst critic.

Rather that going for the angle of a video filled with clichés of shadowy black and white images with shots of myself wandering around dour landscapes in despair, I’ve opted for a psychotic satire built with my own black sense of humour as a some way of processing it all. The fractured, glitchy feel mirrors how I feel trying to process all everything that the media (tv, social media, or otherwise) is saturated with, as well as my own increasingly feeling of alienation from people — feelings which I’ve always had to some extent but I don’t like and am always looking for positives to try and avoid.

Maybe there’s a Cindy Sherman influence in this one; myself playing all the parts. With all the video distortion I might just pass as a female news anchor… o_O

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