Why we chose Half Life by Vile Electrodes as track of 2015



Aside from the obvious answer of it being absolutely brilliant, there is far more to be said about this magnificent work.

With it being an ‘extra track’ on the Stark White EP (Please note, Vile Electrodes that an EP needs at least 4 tracks) it was perhaps not an obvious choice. It is not your ‘in your face’ dance infused single, it’s a subtle ballad of astonishing beauty. It is in this area that Vile Electrodes display a unique and astonishing level of mastery.

Dead Feed from Captive in Symmetry EP (again not the lead track and in fact yet again track 3) was a stunning ballad of unusual and exciting analogue synthesiser experimentalism. Offering us a subtle experience of atmosphere and elegance. A theme shared with the most effective tracks from The Future Through a Lens for us were those slower more atmospheric tracks, such as A Distance and After The Flood.


But back to Half Life. Thus far this is the most incredible example of how Vile Electrodes can take things down to a bare minimum and show us the incredible power and beauty of stillness.  As opposed to being in constant motion like a pulsar timing array (ahem) this track captures the space between the seconds. A moment to inspect the structure of a snowflake as it falls. It goes far beyond the simple realms of just being a very nice track to dance about to or to have on in the background. It was a track of such emotion and feeling that we were moved to tears on hearing it. This commands listening and total attention.

This is artistry and a clear example of what marks Vile Electrodes apart from everyone else in the synth scene.

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