D.E.F. Live #14 – Black Nail Cabaret, Jan Doyle Band, Soft Riot, Hands of Industry 6th Feb 2016


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We’re pleased to announce our next event featuring the mighty and incredible Black Nail Cabaret. This is your first opportunity to see them outside London and will be only their third gig in the UK.

Black Nail Cabaret, hailing from Hungary impressed us hugely when we first encountered them earlier this year. Glamour, sophistication and musical genius all rolled into one. The dark sexuality of their music is a joy to behold with Emese’s incredible stage presence and Sophie’s phenomenal synth playing you’re in for a real treat. Considering this is a band that toured to great success with synth legends Camouflage to audiences of thousands we are truly blessed to have them play for us.

Soft Riot - originally from Canada had been living in London for a while and recently decided to join the NEW WAVE OF WAVEFORM by moving to Sheffield. All the work of Jack Duckworth, he performs playing his synths but adds far more drama than your typical behind the synths style bands. The music is like nothing else, other worldly, off kilter and yet also remaining utterly danceable. It’s no wonder he has had considerable international acclaim for his music.

Jan Doyle Band – Doncaster’s unpredictable dark synth act that regular readers/listeners will be very familiar with. Largely known for dramatic and chaotic performances in the live setting, which is the only way to truly understand the band. We say unpredictable because the music output never stays the same. The energy and flamboyance of the live shows always make them an experience you won’t forget.

Hands of Industry – Leeds based dark synthpop that perhaps most recall Joy Division in their sound, particularly in songs such as the one below. Combining the human feel of live drumming with atmospheric synths they have a captivating sound. We were rather impressed with their debut album released earlier this year so felt it was about time to have them along.


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