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D.E.F.: Tell us a little bit about your backgrounds and how you came together

 Poldek: We contacted over the Internet, and we met before punk festival in Warsaw.

Marika: I was making the other kind of music, but when i heard my voice in Poldek tracks, I finally understood what music I wanna produce.

Do you feel that Sexy Suicide are taking on a different identity to that which Neon Romance had and if so is it deliberate?

Poldek: Definitely. The author of most of the songs on the album Neon Romance was Michael. It was a time when we had not yet clearly mapped out the way that we wanted to go. Now we are fully aware and identify with only two songs from that period.

Marika: I liked what we did on last album, but now i think it’s stronger and more powerfull. I see experience in our new tracks. And i think it’s because we understand each other.

 Who influences your individual stage styles?

Poldek:I personally love the combination of post punk style of the late 70s with the classic image of synth pop and industrial bands of the 80s.

Marika: I take from female singers from 80s such as Kim Wilde, Madonna, Pat Benatar, Marie Fredriksson and so on. I think 80s singers were more expressive than nowadays.

 What’s the biggest challenge of being in a band and what motivates you to keep doing it?

Poldek: The desire to influence human emotions. Fulfilling my eternal dream and to prove a younger audience that  synthpop did not die but people forgot about it and stopped to listen.

Marika: Now I am working on music, because since Micheal left, Poldek is the only one who compose. I think it’s my next level. I wanna have more part in our tracks than just voice line, cause I wanna have the influence that Poldek has. I envy him :]

Who interests you musically at the minute?

Poldek: My taste in music for many years does not change.  Has always been a great inspiration for me Depeche Mode from the period of the 80’s, alternative music scene industrial and post punk and old sad italo disco. It seems to me that if I had only listened to synthpop and later formed synthpop music, it  would be terribly boring. I believe that inspiration is everywhere, you only have ears and eyes wide open.

Marika: I agree, but i also listen to modern bands, such as Electric youth, College, Tycho.  Sometimes i like to listen 80s, but sometimes i have to shut this period for a couple of weeks, and get back to it with a fresh mind.


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Which have been the most exciting bands you’ve played with?

Poldek: As far as the direct support we played once before the industrial legendary Polish band Agressiva 69. However, during a festival we played with many fantastic bands like Parade Ground. In January we play with them again, as well as in front of the Clan of Xymox.

Marika: Nothing to add:]

The video for Shame of Device featured quite a lot of soviet like imagery, what made you go for this style?

Poldek: This style which is associated with the character of the music I listen always, I mean heavy industrial sound, powerful drum machines and analog synthesizers. Themes social realism was often used by bands like Test Dept, Nitzer Ebb, or Red Flag. In my opinion, the music must always correspond with the visual.

Marika: It was only one video what was in this imagery. Shame of Device is very cold in meaning so also cold in scenery. Our following video is in colour and is warmer.,  because so is the song „Diary of moon“.


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Which bands would you most like to play with and were it possible to be on the same bill as any other band in history, which band and what time period of theirs would it be?

Poldek: I think that Depeche Mode, somewhere in 1985/6 year. Considering the years of 90s is definitely a band Wolfsheim

Marika: Now I would like to play with modern synthpop bands such as Parallels, Electric Youth, Chvrches and so on. In the past I would like to play with the band that Poldek would like. They are the synthpop legends.

Which are the biggest electronic bands in Poland right now and can you name any that we might not have heard of that you really enjoy?

Poldek: From the 80s :Kombi,Kapitan Nemo,early Papa Dance  and Siekierafrom 90s: Jauntix,Super Girl & Romantic Boys( and actually), Agressiva69. When it comes to contemporary bands noteworthy is the group Alles (Note from DEF: Listen to our Alles special here: DEF ALLES special

Marika: As Poldek but: fron now – i also like Kamp!

Is there much of a scene for synth music in poland and if you’ve played other countries, where has been the best reception?

Poldek: I think from this city in Poland: Warsaw, Lodz and Wroclaw. Abroad, we played only in Germany and we always like it there. The German scene is really strong.

Marika: Nothing to add

What’s the first record you ever bought and do you still like it?

 Poldek: haha it was a cassette New Kids On The Block, when I was 7 years old. Until today I really like the song “Cover Girl” :)

Marika: My first casette was Ace of Base, Kylie Minogue and Paula Abdull, I still listen to those tracks.

Any guilty pleasures in music?

 Poldek: Maybe The Mamas & the Papas: California Dreamin :)

Marika: I think Snoop Dog: So many Pros :D



What’s the last film you went to see?

Poldek: Crimson Peak, but I was disappointed [with the] story

Marika: Blak Mass – i love Johny Depp – think he should get an oscar for this part.

 Given the option to sit anywhere on a double decker bus, where would you sit?

Poldek: I think I hide the Clipboard luggage. I do not like to ride on buses, people [get] on my nerves.

Marika: I always sleep in the bus, so i don’t care where i sit.

At the cinema, given option to sit anywhere where would you sit?

Poldek: In the last row

Marika: The same

Should toilet roll be put on the holder with the loose end hanging away from the wall or up against it?

Poldek: It does not make me a difference

Marika: Does not make a diffrence to me either. But im my home i like when toilet paper is loose, i like it in my hands. :] 

Thank you very much Sexy Suicide we’ll see you saturday! You can too and you should go buy your ticket here:


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