An invitation to the the masquerade ball…


Okay traditionally we do a Halloween Masquerade every year at our Halloween live event, where we invite artists to submit a cover song of an (artist of a different style, like say electro bands covering guitar bands, darker bands doing pop songs etc..) and give it away on cd to those who attend our Halloween show.

(Details of which can be found above. We’ve got The Webb, John Merrick’s Remains and Jan Doyle Band playing)

The CDs are strictly limited to the artitsts involved and those who attend, though tracks are released on bandcamp afterwards.

Previous participants include

The Alpha Video
Berlyn Trilogy
Factory Acts
Jan Doyle Band
John Costello
John Merricks Remains
Silver Factory Superstars
Tokyo Witch Hunt
Tracksuit Managers
The Webb
Your Silent Face

Who fancies joining us this time? Entries in by 18th October.


Send submissions to info at via mail big file or wetransfer or some such.

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