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We at Doncaster Electronic Foundation believe synth music needs to be seen more in the live scene. That’s why we started this whole venture 2 years ago. Online is great but we need to prove that we can be just as powerful and entertaining as all those guitar bands out there. We have just 3 gigs left this year and boy what a line up we’ve got:

D.E.F. Live #13

£5 Entry Advance
£7 on the door


Our final event of the year and boy is it something special, two international bands honouring us with their presence:

Sexy Suicide – Astonishingly good synthpop from Poland, powerfully led by Marika on vocals and backed up with sublime synthing from Bartlomiej. Absolute perfection in synthpop writing with energetic, stylish stage presence that looks phenomenally cool. You’ll be hooked, we know it.

Night Club – With a sound that reminds us of Kylie meets the Eurythmics, we were supremely excited when they contacted us saying they had plans to be over here performing this year and could they have a gig. We never thought we’d see them live. They are an incredible band that we’ve loved for some years.

Promenade Cinéma – Not from quite so far away, just sheffield but if you’re a regular listener to the show you’ll have heard that we gave them the award of best song of the year so far at the end of July. We love their expansive cinematic sound and so will you.

Aftershow party with Synthetic Island who have done some great DJing at the likes of Reistanz festival in the past.

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