Post apocalypse a go go – top 9 post apocalyptic music videos

With Mad Max Fury Road riding high in the cinemas it seemed there was no better time than to provide you with a selection of our favourite electronics infused music videos set in those lovely post apocalyptic type environs. So obviously it’ll all be studded leather and industrial bands right? Well, let’s see shall we?

Zastranienie – Distopija 9/11

The manifesto of this Serbian band tells that they are

electro-body-pop music of a beauty and energy such that it flares over the cardboard industrial complex of the nouveau fashion zombies turning them into statues of ash which are then projected against concrete walls, like the nuclear shadows of humans caught in the midst of a party, a political rally, or both

Which is awfully interesting and of this music video they say

“In post-apocalyptic environment the only two survivors on Earth are the members of Illuminati secret society. In ruins of civilization they find an old TV set, and tune in to watch the last broadcast of human legacy.”

Well something like that must be worth a watch right?

Sue Saad – Guilty Pleasures

We only know of lovely Sue here thanks to a certain fondness for 80s b-movies. You see this comes from the film Radioactive Dreams which features some guys who as children were have put in a bunker to escape a nuclear war. This was filled with junk from the 1940s and has thus coloured their outlook on life. We follow their adventures into a post apocalyptic future world. Naturally it’s tripe and stars Dean Stockwell and that guy who was the American Ninja; which is not a combination you would have expected and we’re not exactly going to argue it works.

Duran Duran – Wild Boys

Of course Duran Duran again aren’t a fully electronic band but without Nick Rhodes’ synthing they would have been nothing. Those synths utterly shape the sound of this seminal 80s band.

So obviously you can’t get much more post apocalyptic than a music video that actually happens in a post apocalyptic world. Sure, it’s not hugely synth based but it does have SOME so that’s good enough right? Anyway there was originally talk of this being a part of a full film based on William Burroughs’> 1971 novel The Wild Boys: A Book Of The Dead where Duran Duran would have provided the soundtrack.

This quality music video cost a million dollars in 1984 which is astonishing. Probably why the video is actually so much better than the song. OH HO!

Front 242 – Tragedy For You

Of course it would be impossible to do a post apocalyptic music video without EBM featuring somewhere. Though this is proper original EBM rather than the rubbish which passes for it these days. Is this really. Is this really post apocalyptic? It’s just an industrial band walking along a beach with an opera diva! Ah but you see that’s exactly the sort of thing that will happen once Putin has nuked us all to pieces.

Okay maybe it’s just an excuse to post a hard electronic classic. Directed by Anton Corbijn who (as we’re sure you’re all aware) did music videos for Depeche Mode.

Blondie – Atomic

Don’t get arguing with us again about it not being electronic, we’ve had enough of that already! Look it starts with a drum machine and features lots of bubbling synth sounds and effects so it’s electronic. And it’s from the early 80s where EVERYTHING was electronic. Even the non electronic things.

But clearly this is the future of live shows. Come the apocalypse we’ll all be wearing bin liners, bakofoil and raincoats. Well we can hope. Do we ever really need an excuse to post a video of the delectable Debbie Harry?

Goddess of Destruction – To The Limit

Possibly the most in keeping with the Mad Max post apocalyptic style this is some furious action from Lords of Acid‘s female driven side project. Superbly powerful and exciting. We imagine this is what ancient celtic gatherings might have been like had they had access to modern technology. Just everything about this video really screams that diesel punk world which Mad Max inhabits. We love it to bits. Even though we’d be a bit scared to actually be there we think.

Toyah – Thunder in the Mountains

Toyah has always been a very visual act and here she takes things to quite epic scale. Like some futuristic post apocalyptic take on the Boudiccan rebellion it was truly inspiring to a certain person writing this post. It seems in this take on post apocalyptic society magic features which is something unique among all of these but then Toyah has always been into a lot of mysticism. We particularly like the post apocalyptic take on the celtic chariot idea.

It was a difficult experience for Toyah as she was somewhat phobic of horses.

The Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion

We feel we’ve saved the ultimate video to last and while The Sisters are known for being a goth rock band (that obviously claim they most definitely aren’t) that uses mainly guitars, around 1986 time the band had split and Andrew Eldritch had to find new ways of working, largely on his own. So he’d formed his Sisterhood project which was pretty much entirely electronics (and we’d argue decidedly groundbreaking and incredible) and this shift in sound led to a more electronics infused album in 1987 in the form of Floodland. Yes there are guitars here but there’s no real drums and that bass is almost certainly electronic as Andrew had a considerable delight in ‘fakery’ – using electronics that pretend to be real instruments.

What we have here is just the most epic scale video The Sisters ever did, utterly embodying the whole post apocalypse/cyberpunk/dark future rockerboy spirit thing. The set design, Andrew’s appearance, the extras – everything is just absolutely perfect here.

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