Hello, I’m a Microchip Junky

Good evening,

Some of you may know me, some of you may not, so I should introduce myself and tell you why I’m here. I record under the name Microchip Junky and you can find some of my music here https://microchipjunky.bandcamp.com and also here https://soundcloud.com/microchip-junky

On a more personal note, my name is John, I’m a 40-something-year-old living in County Durham and I have had a love affair with the synthesiser ever since I first heard it

I was propositioned by a Mr Derek Williams (fnar – Ed) this weekend, asking if I would write some content for the Doncaster Electronic Foundation site. This was after I recently started blogging about the recording of my forthcoming album which is due in may. Derek had asked if I would write here, or share here but I’ve decided I will retain my blog but also add things on here. For those interested, my latest post regarding my album can be found here. (So are you just using this site to advertise yourself? DAMN I’VE BEEN DUPED – Ed)

A synthesiser. For reference.

For the synth geeks amongst us (I’m guessing there may be a few?) you can check what synths I use here

I tuned in to D.E.F. radio earlier this evening to show my support for the new Meter Bridge album release, Slow Motion (first CD I’ve bought for about 5 years!) – get your copy here.

I have a mixcloud show (The Microchip Junky hour) that I put together every couple of months. The next show is due out around the end of this month and focuses again on Meter Bridge; Jill and Richard introduce some of their favourite music and there will be an exclusive collaborative track between Meter Bridge and Microchip Junky. The first mixcloud show can be heard here

The microchip junky hour #1 by Microchipjunky on Mixcloud

That’s all for this inaugural post, thanks for reading!


Microchip Junky’s views are his own and should not be considered indicative of the views of Doncaster Electronic Foundation. Unless they are really good views  in which case they are entirely due to us.

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