D.E.F. 6 – John Merrick’s Remains, Syd.31, The Webb, Kurt Dirt



John Merrick’s Remains

Doncaster’s original electro goth duo combining a spectacular stage presence with classic songwriting. Since 2004 they’ve gained huge popularity with songs referencing many horror classics – Leatherface, Nightmare in a Damaged to name but two, and have supported the likes of Danse Society live. A keen understanding of what makes a live performance makes them an unmissable experience.

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Having risen from the ashes of [Pop]ulation syd.31 have proved themselves to be even more mighty than their previous configuration. Dr Magic’s lead of the band brought new heights in combining the vengaboys like pop hooks with brutal punk vocals with a Sid Vicious/Billy Idol stage presence. Forever politically savvy and with powerful EDM beats and shrieks, Syd.31 are a most welcome assault on the senses.


The Webb

New rising stars of Electro-goth-punk-spacerock the Webb are making their third appearance for DEF frankly because we love them to bits. Since their debut in 2013 they have become so much much more and have signed to Gothic World Records. Becki’s stage presence is now one that can almost rival Siouxsie. A mix of sinister lyrical atmospheres and oddly catchy tunes remind us of the very best of the acts of the post punk era. A unique sound.



He’s every video nasty combined and made flesh and in your face! A sound similar to that found on 80s horror soundtracks combined with old school industrial, this is total shock electro. If Kurt’s live performance was ever submitted to the BBFC they’d probably have a heart attack. Terrifying but oh so very exciting.

£4 in advance and this will allso qualify you to receive the next free DEF compilation CD which will feature exclusive releases from artists of the NEW WAVE OF WAVEFORM such as The Alpha Video, Jan Doyle Band and so much more…

You can £5 on the door but there will be no cd for you!

We’ll also have DJs playing dark tunes from the likes of Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly, Front 242, Cabaret Voltaire, NIN, Cobalt 60, Sister Machine Gun, Cat Rapes Dog and much more…

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