Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 7 – The Alpha Video (Guest Starring Berlyn Trilogy) (

deflradio7Terribly sorry for the delay folks. It’s been a busy time but we’re getting sorted now. It’s the usual hijinks of waffle and electronic music only this time with an excellent interview with The Alpha Video. And a brief appearance of Dorian from Berlyn Trilogy later on. Also, you may be pleased/horrified to know this is a 2 hour special! Track list below the page break.

Jan Doyle Band – Confusion

Tokyo Witch Hunt – Here is the Light

Johnny Normal – How You Destroy Me

Berlyn Trilogy – Leaving Notes

A Terrible Splendour – A Victimless Crime (Not Eqavox)

Flying Lizards – Money

Trans X – Living on Video

The Alpha Video – Interview

Alphabeat – The Spell

Cold Cave – God Made the World

DEFILE – Nautilus

The Webb – Nocturnal Abyss

Vicious Pink – CCCCan’t you see (skips)

BLSHS  – Chased By Memories

Real Life – Send Me An Angel

A&Y – I Know

Berlyn Trilogy interview

Ultravox – Cut and Run





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