DEF 2 – 26th of October Berlyn Trilogy, Syd.31, The Webb

DEF Berlyn Trilogy Poster Final (Web)
Halloween time special featuring The Webb, Berlyn Trilogy and Syd.31. Now with added Vile Electrodes action!

Berlyn Trilogy

This trio from Wakefield provide some fabulous symphonic synthetic synthpop from their array of synths on stage. They’re rising fast and there’s little wonder when you hear their quality. Emotive vocal performances and quality songwriting. Catch them now while they’re still relatively small…


Powerful self titled ‘Vengapunks’ Syd.31 add to theĀ  line up with some powerful thundering beats and shouty vocals which combine with some of the most delightfully irritating ear worm hooks.

The Webb

The Webb hail from The Wirral and are fine purveyors of electronic infused goth pop spacerock. Though only new to the live circuit as The Webb, Marc has been involved in many musical projects for over 25 years. They provide an exciting spectacular live show through Becki’s flair and dramatic appearance. It’s fun, it’s spooky, it’s catchy. We love them to bits.

Also joining us with a special one off live synthdrone set are the very very mighty

Vile Electrodes.

They’ve made their name largely in the electronic/synth pop arena but this is going to be something totally new from them – a side we’ve never seen. Droning experimental synth noise with live visuals. A first for them and debuting on just our second event. You can’t say we don’t spoil you…

We also have spooky electronic tunes being DJ’d by Ray Banshee to 2am.

We’re operating entry a bit different this time as we’re allowing you in free. However we would really like you to donate some money toward things as the bands have spent huge sums of money to create this music and spent money to be at the event. Show your appreciation by giving some money into the pot at the end.

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