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In our most ambitious project yet, we bring you a weekend of astonishing music from the darker side.

We begin on the friday evening to around 1am saturday. Then we resume around 2pm on the saturday to late and finally the sunday 3pm to 10pm.

We are collecting together an astonishing array of acts from all over the country as well as some of the Yorkshire favourites and modern legends.

The aim is to introduce a few new incredibly exciting acts to the area that have never been seen here before as well as give Sheffield the biggest festival from the dark side that it has possibly ever seen.

With huge thanks to The Royal Standard for being absolutely wonderful to work with and having a fabulous stage with amazing light show.

Our headliners:

Inkubus Sukkubus (saturday) – Renowned goth legends since 1989s these paganism influenced goth rock superstars barely need any introduction. Boasting an astonishing 24 albums in their discography they have truly been one of the most hardworking and prolific bands in the scene. A regular of many goth compilation, star of many a goth festival but rarely have they come anywhere near sheffield, which of course we now change to our utmost delight.

FLEISCH (sunday) – With plans to dominate the UK Industrial scene, FLEISCH deliver foot stomping metal with a fetish flair. FLEISCH have often been described as the angry love child of Depeche Mode and Rammstein, combining hard hitting beats with 80s style vocals and German techno influences

Last July (friday) – Frequently stars of many a northern goth show, Last July have strangely found themselves a home many miles away from their homeland of Norwich. Combining many a darkwave influence and a certain new romantic flair, they have grown and perfected their live show to a point where we are happy to present them as friday’s headline.


ATTRITION (saturday) – Long time veteran of the industrial and post punk genres, Coventry’s Attrition have been carving their own unique path for nearly 40 years now, always exploring and inventing and still putting on a spectacularly menacing and engaging live show.

Other acts in alphabetical order:

Action Directe (sunday) – Political industrial rock stomp from Leeds. One of the many projects of prolific wessie goth Joel Heyes of Goth City Promotions

AMereKat (friday) – Astonishingly engaging, clever, witty Ukulele wrangling with brilliantly reworked Goth classics and fabulously written original tales.

Arch Femmesis (saturday) – Nottingham’s gender bending electro art punk . The acerbic wit and the rhythmic collages evoke the cusp of the 80s and 90s.

Autorotation (saturday) – A band of spectacularly talented multi instrumentalists, combinging at some times Lamb and Cocteau Twins esque atmospheres and more industrial tones at others.

The Black Riders Cult (Friday) – Proper no holds barred machinedrumrocknroll. The band you wish The Sisters would still sound as good as…

Byronic Sex & Exile (saturday) – The Solo incarnation of the aforementioned Mr Joel Heyes. This project concentrates on the more romantic beauty that Goth can bring. Has proved quite the sensation with his one man shows up and down the country, mixing poetry and live music.

CELAVI (sunday) – Pronounced Keh-La-Vie this North wales industrial electro rock is one we’re proud to introduce to you in Yorkshire for the first time. A hugely inventive and playful take on metal, filled with electronics and at times an almost Jpoprock feel

Death Party UK(sunday)- Nottingham based Hellfire Rocknroll from founder of Nightbreed Records and scene stalwart – Trevor Bamford. Dark rock n roll tunes with a certain sense of fun and… dare we say it.. .toe tapping nature? Nah surely not..

Down From Above (saturday) – Fabulous melodic metal from London. Stylishly, powerfully and engagingly presented by the statuesqe Anastasia Resurrection their haunting Blondie like vocal lines float over the heaviest of tunes.

Every Black Day (sunday) – Local to Sheffield, Every Black Day have proven incredibly popular with their unique guitar-less approach to Goth, replacing said instrument with Cello. Some might say a more steampunk sound but whatever it is, it sounds absolutely fabulous.

The Glass House Museum (Sunday) – From Stoke, this relatively new act, mixes classic early Sisters and Children on Stun influences with a passion and contemporary edge which set them apart from more generic contemporaries.

Hands of industry (friday) – Hailing from Bradford they combine a feel of both Joy Division and Depeche Mode in their compelling electronics based sound backed with solid acoustic drums.

In Isolation (saturday) – This hugely popular Nottingham based trio draw on eighties inspirations for their indie rock variations on post punk . A sound which is emotively kaleidoscopic and engagingly unpredictable; a proposal instinctively provoking thoughts, emotions, and eager physical involvement. They have headlined many a goth event but here due to reasons they open the show on saturday so be there EARLY to avoid missing out…

Jan Doyle Band (saturday) – Our ‘house’ band if you like (as it’s Derek from the band behind Night Shift…) JDB mix and merge electro, goth, post punk, punk and industrial with new romantic facepaint, hair and high heels. Forever unpredictable and known for spectacular live performance

Run Into The Night (Friday) – Perhaps one of our more leftfield bookings it could be said but while Glasgow’s RITN tend to be playing more standard rock shows overall they have been known to associate with Goths and play a cramps tribute night (indeed they do Teenage Werewolf in their live sets). We saw them support The Webb a while ago and their sparse post punk blues captivated us and we’re sure you’ll fall in love too..

The Silent Age (Saturday) – one of the biggest and bestest and most prolific goth bands in the Sheffield scene. Originally starting out as a more electronic act they now present a more guitar based sound whilst still keeping the supreme classic goth edge (perhaps even more so). Forever popular and always beloved of the local scene.

UglyNature (Sunday) – From Rochester this stompy electro act will blow your mind with this Sheffield debut. Known for using as much of the venue as humanly possible in performance, this punky out of control but in control show is impossible to truly describe and has to be experienced first hand.

The Way Of All Flesh (sunday) – Veterans of the Sheffield scene that have been absent many years now, finally return to the stage in their home town. Brilliant gothic rock with slight metal touches.

Come on join the NIGHT SHIFT..

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