Night Shift Sheffield 25th May 2019

ns sheffield 2019 25. smallWe’re back for another blast of goth and metal, collecting some of the North’s finest, heaviest acts.

Music previews & interviews:

(your paypal receipt email acts as your ticket for ‘digital tickets’, no printounts required, physical tickets are limited to 50 in total)


Known for ferociously powerful live shows, this female fronted goth punk metal band take influences from glam, goth, punk and metal combining into an incredible powerhouse of a sound. They have three sharply fanged albums under their belt and some excellent music videos as the one below.


This unique Mad Max like post apocalyptic metal electropunk band are renowned for their nuclear blast level live performances and take influences from the Misfits by way of Rob Zombie. Their new sound is heavier and more metal than ever before as shown by the lead track ‘Bulldoze Everything’ from the forthcoming album ‘Walk Amongst Rebels’.

Jan Doyle Band

The world’s first INSURRECTIONARY NEO FUTURIST band combining elements of Goth, Punk, Industrial and New Romantic style. Spectacular of appearance and completely unique in sound, they offer something unique at each live performance making each experience unforgettable.

Dawn of Elysium

Continuing West Yorkshire’s proud tradition of Goth Rock (with the emphasis on ROCK), they provide that classic atmospheric post punk by way of folk idea that was pioneered by the likes of New Model Army.

Black Riders Cult

Proper no holds barred driving drum machine powered GOTH ROCK akin to a modern version of The Sisters of Mercy.

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