Advance ticket for The Beehive, Bow, London 9th of June! Event doors 8pm, first act 8.15pm

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DOLLS was born in mid-2009 as the more offensive byproduct of a commercial pop career gone AWOL. Drawing her influence from Joy Division, Madonna and Depeche Mode, DOLLS juxtaposes apocalyptic pop vocals with gritty lyricism, creating a uniquely dark synthpop signature.

DOLLS’ inimitable style has enchanted international artists of all descriptions (Salman Rushdie is a fan and Rough Trade‘s Carole Pope described SECRET SULK as “The Best Album Ever”) and she is, as ever, terribly sought after but difficult to pin down.

Autorotation choreograph a lush electronic choral sensibility with progressive and percussive beats, disorientating washes of pedal-tones and natural warm acoustics, and all somehow within the confines of one ‘song’. There are no boundaries.

Their recent drum and bass cover of Lamb’s classic track Gabriel has been making a huge impression on the internet radio shows. It’s a song that fits perfectly within the sound of the exciting and engaging act.

243 Ida – Regular listeners to our radio show on DEFSYNTH.COM will know perfectly well how this band have utterly captured our hearts recently. This manchester based duo their London debut for us which marks possibly their furthest venture from manchester to date so it is indeed a very rare opportunity to see them. We promise you captivating songs and a spellbinding performance.

This is an act that is going places, you mark our words. Be there and know you saw them in such an intimate setting.

SAMUEL – Relatively new to the electronic scene this RnB influenced electronica artist made quite an impression on us when we saw him perform at an electronic music open mic night. A brilliant stage presence combined with beautiful songwriting and tender vocals.

While often expressive and subtle, Sam never forgets that music should be presented and performed. Often described as Depeche Mode meets Justin Timberlake this is a brilliant new artist that we think will be going places very soon.

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