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Brutalist Architecture in the Sun – Theme from Post Democracy pt3
We Are UX – Peninsula
3D – Next New Thing LIVE THIS SATURDAY AT Presents: The New Wave of Waveform (April)
Tokyo Witch Hunt – Fever
Punkdisco – I Can Dance (Also at live with 3D)
Ari Mason – Dressed For Space
Junksista – Control
Voi Vang – Mirror (also live with 3D and Punkdisco)
BOO – Battery Operated Orchestra – Perfect Wreck
243 Ida – Mariah
Plike – Black Swan (
Meganoke – Obtain In ( UK debut with us on 4th may presents: Meganoke (Usa) UK debut)
Cyberwaste – Bloom (playing with Meganoke)
Cult With No Name Hope is Existence (Playing with Meganoke and Cyberwaste)
@[75528126Damsel in the Dollhouse] – You Only Live Twice
Hypersunday – Fate of the Glass
DEFILE – Therein Lies the Open
ELIZABETE BALČUS – Negribas iet Gulet (Live in Sheffield on 11th May Defsynth Presents Soft Riot, Gertud Stein, Elizabete Balcus,Jdb)
Jan Doyle Band – Burn You (also live this saturday with 3D Punkdisco and Voi Vang)
The Alpha Video – Condonation (

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