Winter Kills – Alternative Electronic Music



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A night of five stunning bands, each with their own unique approach to the idea of electronic music. We have in alphabetical order:

Brutalist Architecture in the Sun

Mixing elements of coldwave and dance B.A.I.T.S. provides a compellingly original sound that is both danceable and innovative. Frequently political in lyrical content performed in a wonderfully human way.

Most recently released Post Democracy EP comments hugely on the bizarre state of world affairs that we face in these modern times.


Supremely danceable dark electro which covers a wide range of genres including electronica, EBM, darkwave and post-rock.

Going strong since 2013, Dicepeople have released a number of well-reviewed studio albums. Their live shows have a significant visual emphasis, with projections and lighting creating an immersive experience.

Jan Doyle Band

Known for being of spectacular flamboyant appearance with painted face and big hair, JDB have been making a name for themselves around the country with powerful, energetic live shows.

With a post punk sound taking in all manner of influence from goth, synthpop, minimal wave and industrial it’s always an unpredictable show.


Female driven electro punk with attitude to spare. Arrangements are typically fast, minimal and hugely driving with stark barked female vocals. Truly echoing the ethos of original punk and doing away with the macho three chord guitar style.


Fierce yet tender vocals, provocatively honest lyrics, the huge many faceted sound of the hurdy-gurdy, mesmerizing whistles, field recordings, loops, bass lines, electronic dance beats and lush synth voices all come together in a live setting to create an image evoking, emotionally intense, utterly captivating and unforgettable audience experience that is tAngerinecAt.

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