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Mechanical Cabaret

Currently residing in an ex-brothel in the heart of London, Roi Robertson and Steve Bellamy are British electro-punk act Mechanical Cabaret.

Their influences range from the dark electronic pulse of Fad Gadget, Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk, to the edgy punk energy of Iggy Pop, Sex Pistols, and Killing Joke, all with a healthy nod to dance and industrial music on the way. Mechanical Cabaret combine a heady mix of industrial strength electro, memorable melodies, slamming beats, acidic synths, sci-fi soundscapes and throbbing bass, along with Roi’s lyrical observations of the darker side to life – all delivered with a deadpan dose of sardonic punk attitude and British black humour.

Mechanical Cabaret have been making records and touring for 13 years, releasing four albums and several singles. They’ve remixed tracks for artists like Nitzer Ebb, Komputer, Client, and Mesh and for labels like Mute Records, Major Records, SPV, Alfa Matrix, and Disco Minge.

John Merrick’s Remains

Two of the most stunning performers in the electronic scene is easy to see why Doncaster’s John Merrick’s Remains have a dedicated following. Combing elements of 80s rock with stunning theatrics and synthesisers it’s a unique and powerful experience in the live field.

From power stompers like Leatherface to more subtle ballads like Dark Angel they show they’re not just a one trick pony and are able to explore every avenue of musical styling.

The Webb

These Wirral denizens have rocketed to huge popularity all over the country among both the goth and punk communities since hitting the stage in 2013. Becki’s incredible stage presence harks back to Batcave goth days and has a similarly energetic live show to match.

They have a unique combination of dark lyrical subject matter combined with a slightly tongue in cheek stage style which is utterly compulsive

This year saw the release of their album In a Dark Place on Gothic World Records.

Jan Doyle Band

Spectacularly coiffeured hair and intricate make up abounds in an edgy adrenaline fueled live show that is ever unpredictable and just a little bit frightening.

Combining many elements of the post punk scene from minimalwave, goth, synthpop and industrial they’re a tricky one to pin down in sound but are unique experience you will never forget.


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  1. Rebecca

    Paid for tickets via PayPal for Doncaster event. No online ticket so do I just bring payment confirmation? Thanks

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