D.E.F. Live #16 – Brutalist Architecture in the Sun, Jan Doyle Band, Pulselovers, Duck

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Brutalist Architecture in the Sun

We have adored them since the first murmurings of releases with things like Abandonned Factory, Basildon and A13 Dual Carriagewave 3 years ago. Since then the astonishing debut LP captivated us so much we dedicated an episode of our radio show to them.

Now we’ve just had the release of the new Concrete Pop album which ventures even futher into more expressive areas and often featuring new live vocalist Cye Thomas and many collaborations with artists in the underground electronic scene.

Dean Clarke, the man behind the synths (and those delightfully barking brutalist vocals on the likes of When is it Better and Undustry) has such a fantastic ability to bring out the most intensely emotive sounds fromhis synths. His ability to take 80s coldwave sounds and mix them with more modern dance sensibilities are unparalleled. We just can’t get enough of this.


Jan Doyle Band

The main stay of the DEF events of course as Derek Anthony Williams is the man behind the whole DEF concept and front man of JDB. Continually evolving and becoming even more flamboyant and subtly shifting this sound to feature mroe guitars in order to vary the soundscape.

This performance will feature Voi Vang joining the band on backing vocals and keyboard duties and if you’re lucky a track or two of their new DeVoixproject.



Recent discoveries thanks to Emma Barson of Promenade CinĂ©ma‘sFrequency. Synth/Electropop Night in Sheffield, combine guitars, synthesisers and circuit bent home keyboards. Describing themselves as wonky pop but we’d more say they are a bit like what L7 would sound like with more electronics and had been more influenced by Strawberry Switchblade and Fuzzbox.

There’s a touch of darkness here but not without a sense of fun which is utterly compulsive.


The project of mr Mat Handley sometime co presenter of our radio show and present of You, the Night & the Music, only just making its debut at DEF. It’s wonderfully varied and expressive in sound. so delightfully human.

Mat’s sense of beautiful melody and atmosphere ensures that every song will make its mark and speak to the core of your soul.

There’s no wonder the debut album has been getting rave reviews. Grab it here:



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