Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio 28th June 2016 – Battery Operated Orchestra interview


Track list below:

Hologram Teen – Marasangst
PILOSA – Honey I Shrunk Your Christ
Train To Spain – Belive in Love
Darksynth FX – Run For Your Life
Tiny Magnetic Pets – Not Giving In
Voi Vang – Lights of the City
NINA – Beyond Memory
NINA – My Mistake
DOLLS + Fauxplay – Breakfast Club
Battery Operated Orchestra – Boa
Interview//Clown//Interview//Totem//interview//Wish List//Interview//Diamond Feelings (exclusive first play)
The Department – When You’re Not There
The Alpha Video – Beautiful Disgrace
Shadows & Mirrors – Empty
Brutalist Architecture in the Sun – Undustry // The Good Intent
Jan Doyle Band – My Life With Her // Confusion (live in the studio)

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