Night Shift Radio Episode 4 – Elliot Wheeler of The Danse Society’s guitar inspirations playlist

Features specially curated playlist of Elliot’s heroes.

Playlist below:

1. Night Shift Radio Theme by Night Shift Radio
2. Conspiratorial Plumage by DEFILE
3. Kicking Up the Sawdust by Bone Orchard
4. Some Velvet Morning by Rowland S. Howard & Lydia Lunch
5. A Strange Thing To Say by Sopor Aeternus
6. Misery Loves Company by Emilie Autumn
7. Clown by Switchblade Symphony
8. Stranglehold by Grooving In Green
10. Fatal Flaw by The Sound
11. Winning by The Sound
12. Fixation by Second Layer
13. Is It Any Wonder by The Chameleons
14. Swamp Thing by The Chameleons
15. World – This Savage Garden by Reegs
16. Be Brave by The Comsat Angels
17. After the Rain by The Comsat Angels
18. Like Thieves by Sad Lovers & Giants (Sad Lovers and Giants)
19. Things We Never Did by Sad Lovers & Giants
20. This is a Seagull by The Snake Corps
21. New Dawn Fades by Joy Division
22. Something Must Break by Joy Division
23. Ceremony by New Order
24. Sitting on a Biscuit (In the Rain) by Music for Aboriginies
25. Is This The Life by Cardiacs
26. Public Image by Public Image Ltd.
27. Swan Lake by Public Image Ltd.
28. Ophelia’s Drinking song by Kevin Hewick
29. Nowhere Girl by B-Movie
30. Bring on the Dancing Horses by Echo and the Bunnymen
31. Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen
32. She’s in Parties by Bauhaus
33. Where Are We Now by THE Danse Society
35. Last Rights by Jan Doyle Band

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