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Doncaster Electronic Foundation’s Fifth Halloween Masquerade released!


Only just managed to get it all out there on halloween though, nearly didn’t make it through one thing or another…

In case you’re not aware, each year we challenge artists to create a cover song that is of a band not their usual style. The results are always unpredictable and always delightful.

Huge thanks to all the artists involved here, donating their time and effort for no reward other than the artistic.

In alphabetical order:
Brutalist Architecture in the Sun
Damsel in the Dollhouse
The Golden Age Of Nothing
Icicle Boy
Images @ Random (Simon Appleby)
Izzie Voodoo and the People
Jan Doyle Band
MA74 (MA 74 soundcloud)
Nature of Wires
Negative Response
Pas de la Dame Sauvage
This Human Condition
The Webb
Voi Vang


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DEF Radio 23rd October 2017 – Golfrapp Silver Eye Special

Goldrapp – Anymore
Voi Vang – Cards
Findley Webster & Shotty 4HF – Shock
Vieon – Proteus
The Department – Let It Go
Goldfrapp – Systemagic
Cristabel Christo – Kill Me
Black Nail Cabaret – CO
Damsel in the Dollhouse – Loki
Punkdisco – Bleach Scented Skin
Brutalist Architecture in the Sun – A13 Dual Carriagewave
Dicepeople – Synthetic
Goldfrapp – Become the One
PARK FIRES – Dead Beat City
Grimes – California
Poppy – Interwebs
Promenade Cinéma – Words of a Stranger (Rework)
Devoix – Closer
BOO – Battery Operated Orchestra – Live Rail ( Jan Doyle Band remix)
Train To Spain – Believe in Love
NINA – My Mistake
Hemmingway – Frontiers

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