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D.E.F. Radio – 30th August 2016 – Analogue Trash Special ft SpakTV

Nature of Wires – We All Kill (ft CountessM)
TRENCH RUN – War on Solitude
Iioioioii – One Moment
Advance – Calm Before the Storm
Atomzero – Therapy
ded.pixel – To the Wolves
Dreams Divide – Trashed (IIoioioii remix)
Factory Acts – Animal Spirits (Bedroom Legends Remix)
Factory Acts – Fantasy
FoxxyNewport – Emotions
3D – Ugly Nature
Brutalist Architecture in the Sun – Concrete Love Song
Pulselovers – It’s All in the Detail
Duck – Lip on the Floor
Jan Doyle Band – Rain on Ice
009 Sound System – Born to be Wasted
Gary Numan Official – Cars
Voxtrot Alpha – Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down
Voi Vang – Sleepless Nights
DeVoix – Le the Rain Fall
Jonteknik – Fernsetuhrm (Ft Malte Steiner)
Apt – Pendulum
Circuit3 – Ghost Machine
Prince Rama – Would You Die To Be Adored
Meter Bridge – Stop Drop Roll
Daybehavior – Godspeed
Neonsol – Heat
Vogon Poetry – Moments
Vain Machine – Eat You Alive
Syd.31 – Mr Vain
SPAK. Special Peoples Alternative Kommunikation. – Interview
Ian Dury (and the Blockheads) – Spasticus Autisticus
Needle Factory – Majikal
Vieon – Proteus
Vile Electrodes – A Distance

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5 Reasons Why Prince Rama are Probably the Best Band in the World

They did this for Pitchfork

And this for Buzzfeed

They did the first NOW AGE opera.

Nimai’s drumming. SO much Nimai’s drumming.

They are just an incredible live act

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D.E.F. Radio 23rd August 2016 – Voi Vang Vs 1981

We asked our listeners to choose the year they felt was the Year Of Synth and without doubt 1981 was the frontrunner by a long way. So we’re playing lots of tunes from 1981. Also Voi Vang joins us in the studio for a bit of chat and to play some selections from her favourite tunes from around the world, including a fair bit of K-Pop and eastern European productions.


Track list below

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D.E.F. Live #16 – Brutalist Architecture in the Sun, Jan Doyle Band, Pulselovers, Duck

DEF16 flyer


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D.E.F. Radio – 2nd August 2016: Best of Depeche Mode (excluding singles) (part 1)

As selected by listeners:

Doncaster Electronic Foundation – D.E.F. Theme 2016
Depeche Mode – Black Celebration (for Jay Smith)
Deviant UK – Access Denied
Depeche Mode – Surrender (for Samantha Smith)
Depeche Mode – Should Be Higher (for John Peacey)
Microchip Junky – Punk Out
Depeche Mode – My Joy (for Sebastien Deruwez)
Shiny Darkness – Bitter Kiss
Depeche Mode – Shout (for Rob Green)
The Department – Skin Vultures
Depeche Mode – Something to Do (for Dean Clarke/ Jason Pearson)
Brutalist Architecture in the Sun – Popular Lies
Depeche Mode – Told You So (for Chris Mines/ Jamie Jamal)
This Human Condition – Telepathic Heights (Club Mix)
Depeche Mode – Route 66 (for Barbara Moser)
Darksynth FX – Neon Melancholy
Depeche Mode – Alone (for Ilya Vitalysson Blinov)
Depeche Mode – In Your Memory (for Mat Handley/ Keith Whitham)
Natasha Cobold – Galactican
Depeche Mode – Puppets (for Nina Dove)
Damsel in the Dollhouse – Forever Knight
The Overload – Concrete Island
Depeche Mode – Nodisco (for Steve Lamb)
Voxtrot Alpha – Want You To Stay
Depeche Mode – Pipeline (for Simon Helm)
Depeche Mode – Clean (for Emese Árvai-Illés / Geoff Martin)
Black Nail Cabaret – Criticial Cult of Dora
Blott – Things Will Never Be The Same
Depeche Mode – Blue Dress (for Andrew Heighway)
Depeche Mode – If You Want (for Mike Cooper_
Depeche Mode – Lie To Me (for Mark Brooks)
Your Silent Face – Sun and the Rainfall (ft Parralox)
Night Club – Bad Girl
Depeche Mode – Nothing (for Andy Buckle)
Icicle Boy – End of Days
Ds73 ft Amanda Jane Rogers – Recovery
Depeche Mode – Dangerous (For Lee Lambeck)
You & Me Both – Your Love

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