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Gig review: Tenek, Vile Electrodes, John Costello – Southampton



Was it a moment of weakness or a moment of madness that caused D.E.F. to attend this gig? With little more than a week to go the compulsion to be there became too much and attendance was paid for and hotel booked. After all we were already in London for Acthung! Achtung! the night before this event so it’s not so terribly much further to go to Southampton from London right? Well it was 2h30m on the train going which was actually longer than it takes to get from Doncaster to London but never mind. The journey back proved problematic in booking as various different prices were being spewed out by online ticket sales which when clicked through to rarely appeared. Ultimately a day return had to be purchased from Southampton to London rather than a single, which saved £25 on the fare. Daft.

But anyway buried deep within the concrete metropolis that is Southampton was a rather unassuming little venue that looked little more than a house from the outside – Talking Heads and just next door was our hotel. Which was handly but that’s by the by. Who would have known it would house such glorious electronic music. Due to our immense fame and celebrity status we were allowed in a little early just as John Costello was finishing his soundcheck and Jane of Vile Electrodes (wearing a rather fetching Jan Doyle Band t-shirt) was putting out merchandise. Vile Electrodes do have some decidedly pretty T-shirts you know, you should buy one. Anway on with stuff about the gig though anyway.

The venue was a largely square shaped place, stage ahead of you as you enter the door but with a fair bit of space to either side, particularly the left. Raised seating and tables around the sides except the left where a bar stocked with a decent variety of drinks was placed. A clean, modern and presentable place. Rather than the decaying victoriana of the Aces and Eights bar in London the night before. Frankly it could have done with a bit more personality but never mind, fairly irrelevant. Shall we get on to the performance though eh?

John Costello was up first and frankly nothing could have prepared us for this experience. We’d seen him setting up in soundcheck and doing a little bit of a performance but the full blown live performance was nothing short of wonderful. First the band all came on in matching black button up jackets, adding cohesion to the whole ‘band’ idea. John’s music really connected live and sounded brilliant but most of all the manner in which he put over the was the vital aspect – he looked and felt like he really meant business. Excitement built throughout a brilliant set John often left the stage to connect with the audience more, enervate and excite seemed the M.O. here. The rousing rendition of Lock, Load, Aim, Fire! at the end of the set just blew the roof off. Really it’s pretty hard to fully describe how incredibly exciting the show was, unexpectedly so really. John was looking lean and mean and clearly out to take no prisoners this evening. Sadly this he announced would be his last John Costello gig. Would there be other projects under different names in future? If there are will they be as exciting as this? Who knows only time will tell. We hope so that’s for sure. We are gutted though that we didn’t catch on earlier…


Vile Electrodes delivered a brave performance of almost entirely new material but thankfully Vile Electrodes being what they are means that it’s all excellent. We particularly enjoyed the track we later found out was ‘New Shoots In The Snow’ and ‘Half Life’. The former displays Martin’s ridiculous talent for more than just synths as he displays brilliant drumming with a particularly effective repeated roll throughout the song. Half Life is a mesmerising sparse subtle ballad that brings everything down into stillness and slow motion in a way that only Vile Electrodes can do. The new material seems to be heading toward a more dance oriented direction but is as compulsive as anything they have ever done in the past. It really starts to feel like there is more cohesion and connection between the tracks in this material, presumably with it having been written over a shorter period of time. Simply from a technical standpoint the show is stunning with the wrangling of so many many many synths… a dream to witness for any synthesiser nerd. There is such precision and professionalism here that is incomparable to any other artist around.
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Tenek finished off the evening with their usual confident showmanship. The audience were clearly there for this and just as much for the new album tracks as the classics like Blinded By You (our favourite we have to say). Both Geoff and Pete always put everything into their shows and the vibe you experience at them is wonderful – that connection between fans and band is such a swirl of happiness and excitement. There’s little wonder the likes of Republica and Toyah ask them to join them on their tours, great people with a sound that clearly resounds in people – not a single person in the venue was not on their feet. Of the new material played we’d probably pick Imitation of Life as our favourite, it’s quite often it’s found its way to being an earworm with its irresistible chorus. Sadly we didn’t get any video of their performance as our phone ran out of power. Ooops. Anyway it’s worth noting how seamless it is that the new tracks fit in with the old in their set.

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Night Shift Sheffield – Dyonisis, The Webb, Jan Doyle Band

ns sheffield 4

Following the huge success of the last event at Mulberry Tavern, we’re back for the fourth Night Shift event in Sheffield, this time featuring:


Formed in 2005, Dyonisis’ sound is a blend of organic and digital, labeled as ‘Ethereal Rock’, incorporating the delightful vulnerability and eccentricity of lead singer Nel. Her husband, Marcus creates rolling bass lines that underpin the shimmering guitars and programmed beats of Tom. The result is as luxurious as it is lacerating.

The Webb

Batcave goth for the 21st century! Ever popular around Yorkshire since their first visit to Doncaster many years ago, their punky goth electro remains as exciting as ever. Taking influences from Numan, Siouxsie and Alien Sex Fiend the result is nothing short of spectacular.

Jan Doyle Band

Prolific Doncaster darkwavers mix up styles from synth pop, punk, goth and industrial into a compulsive dramatic live performance. Described by some as Soft Cell meets The Sisters of Mercy by way of Bauhaus but never easy to pin down and never predictable.

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Top 10 Siouxsie TV performances

10. That time she went on Top of the Pops looking like THAT

9. When she introduced everyone to a new style of music which was drums and vocal only

8. When she proved she was stunningly majestic even sitting down

7. When she appeared back on TV first time after the Banshees split and blew us all away (particularly with Prettiest Thing)

6. Proving that at 50 she’s still more powerful than many half her age.

5. When she portrayed that stark teutonic coldness of the music perfectly

4. This

3. When she was perfect 1930s Liza Minelli Cabaret

2. When she embraced the Ice Queen image fully

1. When she was utterly sharp shark like perfection

Also join us tonight at 7pm for this


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Music video update 21st May – Meter Bridge, Vivien Glass, Dolls, Living Dead Girl, Sexy Suicide, Night Club

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Night Shift Radio 20th May 2016 – SHOWCASING: The Gifted

nsradio20thmcThe Gifted – This Makes Me Feel Alive
Panic DHH – No More
Alec Empire – Addicted To You
Mortiis – The Grudge
The Gifted – Slowly Fading
Sister Machine Gun – Burn
Vandalaze – Dog Jerk
Skinny Puppy – Dig It
G.G.F.H. – Room 213
The Gifted – Catch Me
Gary Numan Official – My Jesus
Fields Of The Nephilim – Dawnrazor
Marilyn Manson – Cruci-Fiction in Space
The Gifted – Entropy
PSYDOLL – Machinery Lemmings
Dive / Sonar / Absolute Body Control (Dive) – Blood Money
Einsturzende Neubauten – Die Interimsliebenden (Single Edit)
The Gifted – Break (Jan Doyle Band Remix)
Evulva – Dive
Jan Doyle Band – Fighters (live in studio)
The Gifted – What You Believe


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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio 17th May

Moloko – Knee Deepen
Add N to (X) – Murmur One
Voltage Controlled Music – Mist
Gary Numan Official – Angel Wars
Fad Gadget – Back to Nature
Living Dead Girl – Skylines
Ari Mason – Beasts Tonight
Electraset – Transistor (On Your Radio)
Tokyo Witch Hunt – Signs
Promenade Cinéma – Somebody’s Watching Me (Rockwell Cover)
Lt 303 + Blurred Girl – Royals
Pulselovers – Red Eden White Nights
The Alpha Video – Zito
Jan Doyle Band – 35 Footsteps Black
Meter Bridge – It Was Nothing
Teslacoil321 – My Only Reward
Lucky+Love – Full Moon

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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio – New Sounds All Around 10th May 2016


Faint Waves – Never Lose Your Cool
You & Me Both – Make You Love Me
Sunset margin – Ostracisim
Dr 5 Notes – Danny’s Theme
Andrulianblog -Destinies Before You
The Scientific Method – Blade Runner Score (Reimagined)
Raven H0lm – Brave New World
Electrix 85 – Restless (I Can’t Be) (radio edit)
Mink 99 – Modular Blues
Fatalist – Chipsum
Darksynth FX – Memory Dimension
Derek Anthony Williams – (untitled)
Safe House – Lost Highway (…/safe-house-lost-highway)
A Tease – Operation Sledgehammer Part 1
A Tease – Operation Sledgehammer Part 2
Computronic – If Only
Izzie Voodoo and the People – Void
The Alpha Video – Electropop’s Gonna Save the World
Prince Rama – Bahia
Prince Rama – Your Life in the End
Daybehavior – Movie
Kraftwerk – Computer Love
Promenade Cinéma – A Chemical Haunting
Jan Doyle Band – Oblivion/Burn You (Live in Studio)

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Night Shift Radio Episode 5


Fields Of The Nephilim- Preacher Man
Alien Sex Fiend – Ignore the Machine
Bone Orchard – Jack
Cold in Berlin – Mysterious Spells
Terminal Gods – Connection and Rupture
The KVB – For the Day
Children on Stun – Downfall
Incubus Succubus – Belladonna and Aconite
The Webb – Lost All Motive
The Webb – Kill Someone
Last July – Glamorous Parasite
Last July – True Story of a Lie
The Gifted – Entropy
The Gifted – This Makes Me Feel Alive
‡ Marilyn Manson ‡ – Mobscene (Request)
Rob Zombie – Dragula
The Alpha Video ( ) – Clean Sheet
Rammstein – Engel
KMFDM – Megalomaniac
Front 242 – Tragedy For You
Nine Inch Nails – Head Like a Hole
Pop Will Eat Itself – Ich BIn Ein Auslander (Die Krupps remix)
Jan Doyle Band – Drop Dead (live in studio)

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