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New Vague Notion music!

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Night Shift Radio – Episode 1

nsrmcNight Shift Theme
Bauhaus – She’s In Parties
The Cure – Charlotte Sometimes
Double Echo – Distance
Lebanon Hanover- Gallowdance
Zeitgeist Zero – Domestic Blitz / Tersa Smith interview / Dust and Bone / interview / Loose Lips Sink Ships / interview / Lights Go Down (Bump n Grind Mix)
Jet Noir – Warrior’s Blood
Quasimodo – Kiss of Death
The Danse Society – Red Light
Dawn of Elysium – Doused In Green
Jan Doyle Band – Now and Never
Toyah – Computer
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Candyman
Beautiful Losers – Late Night Show (for Rhona Meuter of genetic music)
UV PØP – Portrait
Passion-Play – Modern Life
New Model Army – Vagabonds
The Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion
John Merricks Remains – Cuts and Bruises
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Talk About The Weather
Klaus Nomi – You Don’t Know Me (for Gregory Wright)
Romeo Void – Never Say Never (For Maren Northway)
Rubella Ballet – Twister
DEFILE – Slink
The KVB – Never Enough
The Soft Moon – Far
Terminal Gods – Electric Eyes
Rosetta Stone – Eye For the Main Chance (dedicated to Robert Maisey for his stellar work in logging bootlegs at )
Fields Of The Nephilim – Preacher Man (for Ryan Wilson)
DeLooze – Lost Army
Skeletal Family – She Cries Alone

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def220315mcKas Product – So Young But So Cold
SOFT RIOT – You are a caged dancer
The Alpha Video – Beautiful Disgrace
Gretta Gunn – Metal
Subterranean/MURMUS (Subterranean) – Missing Man
Helix Pulsar – Insane Fascination
Tiny Magnetic Pets – Boom Boom Boom
AkA Musik – Perfect 120
LOLA DUTRONIC – Harley Davidson (radio edit)
Solar Bears – Cosmic Runner
Haüer – Merc II
Le Cliché – Aquaphobia
Night Trap – Rogue Spirit
PolydroiD – Ode to an Android
Glass Dancer – Humanoid
Prince Rama – Bahia
Kármán Line – Time
Dark Room Notes – Let’s Light Fires
Toby Kaar – Bread
School of Seven Bells – Open Your Eyes
Låpsley – Cliff
Souvenir Season – Parachute
Souvenir Season – Julius

Particular thanks to Futuresque Records without whom we wouldn’t have discovered so many glorious tunes from Ireland and also Manufactured Desire recordings who also provided some top notch tunes from Ireland.

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Synth Patrick’s Day playlist…

synth patrick

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day we’ve put together this lovely playlist featuring 25 lovely bits of Irish electro featuring the likes of Factory Acts, Tiny Magnetic Pets, The Low Sea, Tablets, Roisin Murphy and so much more. Enjoy!


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D.E.F Radio 8th March 2016 – New Releases, International Womens’ Day 2016 + more

Doncaster Electronic Foundation's photo.


The Webb – Hell Fire
Wladyslaw – Dos Agujas
Sweet Smell Of Shining- The Killing Moon
Action Directe – Frontline State of Mind
John Costello – Lock Load Aim Fire
The Alpha Video – Beautiful Disagrace
You & Me Both – This Kind of Love Song
You & Me Both – We’re Going Out
tenek – Blinded By You
Vile Electrodes – Drowned Cities
GravitySlip-Pete Calvert – She Is
Marcel Wave – Lady In Pieces
Vague Notion – I Am A Driver
Betty Boo – Shame
Strobegirl – Alice
Black Nail Cabaret – Critical Cult of Dora
Factory Acts – Fantasy
Tokyo Witch Hunt – Here Is The Light
Darksynth FX – Just Livin’
The Magickal – Surrender
Lucky+Love – Legal Love
niet – Slight


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Lille to Leeds event review


This was rather a big deal for our friends Revival Synth being rather big fans of Shiny Darkness so they were considerably involved in the promotion side for this event. They must feel incredibly proud after the success that resulted from all the efforts. What a super sized crowd was there that night. And what atmosphere!

Berlyn Trilogy kicked off the night with a great set of songs and really got the audience pumped and excited with a great selection of their classic songs (and despite a slight tech issue which causing the bass sounds to be too loud in the mix). Simon seeming to be really coming into his own as the front man with some cool moves on stage  and some great interaction with the audience. He seems so much more relaxed in the role than when we first saw him take over the job. Their cover of Atomic is really quite something to behold (and you can still download it for free from our label’s compilation of covers from Halloween last year) and Tokyo Rooftops always ignites the place live – though an extended version would be nice! Admittedly we’re a little disappointed to not hear anything new from them in this new era. Hopefully soon… it will be interesting to find what voice the band find without Dorian.

Pulse were up next, the combination of Howard Moth from Spacebuoy (RIP) fame and Sebastien Deruwez normally the singer of Shiny Darkness.


Pulse combine a certain indie rock sensibility with dancepop. Howard still largely taking up a vocal role but now also playing guitar and in case you’re worried it restricts that fabulous performer we know and love, don’t worry it doesn’t! Howard is still the engaging front man he always has beeen. While Sebastien tends to take the more keyboards at the back role, he does take the front man role on some songs and if you know Shiny Darkness, you’ll know he’s another great front man. Pumping beats and rocking guitar everyone was on their feet dancing in this set.


Eurasianeyes were up next and kicked off with their stormer Far Off Land that we all know so well. It’s a song with such perfect melody and structure you really could easily have believed it an Ultravox classic.

The audience were loving them. They are really proving their worth these days, progressing from when they played at their second gig at our 4th event in april 2014 and utterly deserving of this second to last place. Their songs are everything you could want, so full of emotion and catchy riffs. There must surely be even bigger things ahead for this band clearly beloved by this Leeds audience.

Shiny Darkness – The one everyone was waiting for and after we saw them at the Little Theatre in Doncaster last year there’s no wonder. It’s clear why they have their audience – handsome, professional and true entertainers. Such an honour to have them back in Yorkshire after such a short time. It’s not surprising they’ve recently been snatched up by a nice label. But really all we need to do is let their music/performance to the talking.

All in all well done to all the bands for a fabulous night and DJ Dave Charles for fabulous tunage and being a brilliant compere for the evening. But most of all Mr Andy Jordan of Revival Synth for helping with all the fabulous promotion and securing of a sponsor for the evening. His dedication and hard work for all these months leading up to the event has been second to none and it’s just so pleasing that there was such a brilliant size audience for the event. Synth is being revived in Yorkshire and let’s see where we can go from here… plans are afoot for RS/DEF to work together on a festival. Synth Yorkshire coming soon? Watch this space…

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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Radio 1st March 2016 – Pinklogik interview

1. D.E.F. Theme 2016  – Doncaster Electronic Foundation
2. Pinklogik - INTERVIEW
3.Chasing Rainbows – Mosaic Electronic
4.Long Haul – Cadence EP
5.Your Loneley Eyes – Your Lonely Eyes EP
6.Aqueather – Syn Metry
7.My Name Is Pinklogik (With a K on the end) – Pinklogik
8.Bide Your Time - Random Access Memory
9.Bobbin Winders – Music For Testcards and Collages
10.They Weren’t Normal – Music for Testcards and Collages
12.Patriarchaeth – Gwenno
13.Complicated Machine - Future Perfect
14.The Feeling Pt II - The Circuit Symphony
15.Hellfire - The Webb
16.After The War – The Alpha Video
17.Enemy – The Alpha Video
18.Empty Chair - Voxtrot Alpha
19.No So Manic Now - Dubstar
20.Midnight and Royal Curve
21.Habit - Curve

Doncaster Electronic Foundation's photo.


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