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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio 11 – EurasianeyeS




Tokyo Witch Hunt – Therapy

Hot Pink Abuse – Lost In Time

The Girl and the Robot – Borderline

Tones on Tail – Performance (12″ version)

The Glitch Mob – Becoming Harmonious

Cabaret Voltaire – Cut the Damn Camera

EurasianeyeS interview

EurasianeyeS – Crisis

Spacebuoy – How Much Does it Hurt

James Ray and the Performance – Dust Boat

Ultravox – Hymn

Pulse Lovers – Autumn Arrives




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DEF Radio Episode 10 – Syd.31

deflradio10Tegan & Sara ft Lost Island – Everything is Awesome

Lana Del Ray – Behind Closed Doors

Kas Product – So Young and So Cold

The Glove – Like and Animal

The Glove – Mouth to Mouth

John Costello – The Sweet Hereafter

Syd.31 Interview

Syd.31 – Monsters (Mr Bear Futurepop remix)

The Camouflage – Great commandment

Data – Living inside Me

The Korgis – If I Had You

Berlyn Trilogy – Skylight

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Donkaster Electronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 9 – Spacebuoy interview

deflradio9Track list:

Gina X Performance – Prime Mover

Add N to X – The Sound of Accelerating Concrete

Drinking Electricity – Dischord Dance

Violent Vickie – Drugs

Eurasianeyes – Far Off Land Radio Edit.

Landscape – European Man (Extended)

Spacebuoy Interview

Spacebuoy – Breathe

New Order – Temptation

Izzie Voodoo and the People – Ghost from the Past (demo) (with added typing sounds)



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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft’s Jan Doyle Band Support Toyah!

toyah support

Buy your ticket below!


Let’s give a bit of background info as to why £2 from every ticket bought online from us for this event goes to Ovarian Cancer Charity. Toyah has been a massive influence on Derek of Jan Doyle Band’s life and he was introduced to this music by his Auntie Vie who was very much the 80s girl into all the major pop/rock of the early 80s. So there are many many fond memories brought back of this Auntie by listening to Toyah. This auntie was sadly lost a few  years ago to Ovarian Cancer and it was very sudden and a massive impact on all the family.  Worse was she was just barely over 40 years of age, which is far too young.

Vie had been something of a rock for the family after the loss of first her father and then her mother, whilst also suffering horrible family issues with her one of her daughters being severely bullied at school. Helping her sister Norma, who had been living with her parents but was now alone, survive after the loss of both parents. She was the strong one and the loss of her was such a horrific pain for the entire family.

Ovarian cancer can strike very quickly and kill very quickly. It did with Vie – within months of the diagnosis she was no longer with us. It still hurts.  Ovarian cancer can be beaten if we increase awareness of how soon to look out for the symptoms and what they mean. Which is why this concert is in memory of Violet Costello (Born Whitaker) and for everything she brought into our lives and everything she did.

She is sadly missed but will always be cherished.

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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 8 – The Webb



Track list:

Electromatic 2 review by Mat Handley

Spacehonky – Europa’s Mass

Izzie Voodoo – Sound

Kas Product – Never Come Back

Cabaret Voltaire -Sensoria

The Webb Interview

Gary Numan – I Die You Die (Alternate Version)

Gary Numan – I Die You Die (7″ version)

The Webb – Taste the Death

Godiego – Monkey Magic

Godiego – Gondara



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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 7 – The Alpha Video (Guest Starring Berlyn Trilogy) (

deflradio7Terribly sorry for the delay folks. It’s been a busy time but we’re getting sorted now. It’s the usual hijinks of waffle and electronic music only this time with an excellent interview with The Alpha Video. And a brief appearance of Dorian from Berlyn Trilogy later on. Also, you may be pleased/horrified to know this is a 2 hour special! Track list below the page break.


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Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft LIVE 4 – 5th Of April 2014 Eurasianeyes, Jan Doyle Band, Spacebuoy


def4banner2Donkaster Electronische Freundschaft 4 tickets are now available.


5/4/14 – 8pm – 2am

£4 advance or £5 on the door

All advance tickets purchases now get entered into a prize draw to win the following:
New single from Spacebuoy

New EP from Eurasianeyes
All currently available Jan Doyle Band CDs
An album from The Alpha Video

Buy your ticket below, via Paypal. No registration to Paypal required



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