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Gig review Hardware 2 @ Retro Bar, Manchester (May 31st, 2013) The Webb, Laser Dream Eyes, Factory Acts, Syd.31

hardware 2This is the second of the new, regular alternative electronic night organised by purveyor of industrial filth, Kurt Dirt (Don’t know of him? Go here:Kurt Dirt’s house of filth ). The facebook page for hardware is here. The first night included Nightcall, Jan Doyle Band, Kurt Dirt and Wrapped in Plastic and was pretty spectacular (even attended by Vile Electrodes!), so obviously a second night had to happen. This also happened to be the debut public appearance of our Liverpool electro space goth-punk friends…


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Gig review Berlyn Trilogy Live @ Wakefield Hop, 6th July 2013

James, Berlyn TrilogyIt was a hot sunny Saturday evening that DEF ventured out to Wakefield to see our good friends Berlyn Trilogy. Which obviously tells you dear reader right away that maybe this review isn’t likely to be on the negative side of things. It’s pretty hard to be negative about a band that sound this good anyway.

For those of you who haven’t popped over to the band pages and looked them up perhaps there should be a little explanation of what they’re all about. They hail from Wakefield and they play atmospheric songs, passionate, human songs with an almost film soundtrack like quality to them. An expansive, multi layered sound. Dorian takes the lead vocal role with the occasional additional vocals from James and Faye handles the bass frequencies either with her Moog Little Phatty or her beautiful precious Rickenbacker bass guitar.defberlyn

Like many synth bands they opt to have everyone playing rather than have a ‘front man’ so to speak. This isn’t entirely DEF’s preference but it seems to work pretty well with these lovely chaps.

Anyway about the gig itself – it was in support of Wakefield Wheeled Cats female roller derby team. Which is an unusual thing to be performing in support of but it didn’t stop them from seemingly going down a storm to a fairly well packed room. The sound seemed a little off with Dorian’s vocals rather loud above pretty much everything else and the bass frequencies making the PA system buzz somewhat.

donkberly3The set was 30 minutes long, the highlight of which was possibly The Drone with its slightly more subtle vocals and it’s nice to hear James taking more of a lead role. However the ending song ‘Words of A Stranger’ was performed with a wonderful amount of passion and vigor more than has been seen from the previously. In fact Dorian on the whole really seemed to be reaching a whole new level of power in his performance. Though this may not be to James’ advantage when Dorian distracts him…

Faye’s Rickenbacker bass is a beautiful work of art which she played with such skill and prowess, adding that extra life to the performance where necessary. It’s such a shame that people seem to assume that she’s just a girlfriend of the band so many times when she’s actually such an accomplished musician. Sexism seems so horrible rife in the live circuit. Still I hope that there were a few idiots gobsmacked by her playing.

Berlyn Trilogy’s songs are melodious and memorable and performed with an emotive sincerity that makes it necessary to experience them live. It will be a crime if they don’t get considerably more attention in the near future.

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