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Blancmange Wanderlust tour


Look out! Electro genius legends Blancmange are on tour!

Most significantly they’re in sheffield this friday.

Blancmange ‘Wanderlust’ Tour/ Sheffield

As the title of the event might suggest it’s in support of new album ‘Wanderlust’

The new album is focussed on similar themes to that done with the Fader project (Wrangler/Blancmange collaboration) but there’s a new energy to the approach – wistfulness turns to anger; dislocation morphs into a powerful desire to be somewhere else, with a sense of someone fighting for forward motion, dreams, family and the joys of life while seeing, as Arthur puts it, ‘the pretence of a normal world being erased.’

This frustration with modern devices and the limitations of people-defining algorithms and how such things are manipulating communication, the work place and daily life (people behaving like machines and treating each other like robots) is also expressed through ‘Talking To Machines’. But there’s a twist! After all the whole album is created by humans interacting with electricity and circuits. On this track, Arthur and Benge revel in the artificial sounds, using them like power surges underneath the John Lennon-like vocals and early ‘70s vintage beats – the ghosts at the heart of this machine-made song.


Image may contain: 1 person, standing, sunglasses and shoes

We’re very much looking forward to this!

You can also catch them in Liverpool

4th May – Blancmange – Wanderlust Tour / Liverpool
10th May – Blancmange – Wanderlust Tour / Manchester
11th May – Blancmange – Wanderlust Tour / Birmingham

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NEW WAVE OF WAVEFORM: April Edition – 3D, Jan Doyle Band, Punkdisco, Voi Vang

nwow april fly er front


More of the most exciting live performance electronica from the New Wave of Waveform.

Stompy electro powerhouses 3D return to London for the first time in forever with their astonishingy powerful live show. 3D is a live experience; an electronic duo assaulting the senses a fusion of synthpop, rap and punk attitude. Like a tag-team wrestling match between Kraftwerk, The Cure, Devo and Erasure


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Night Shift Manchester – Zeitgeist Zero, The Webb, Tangerinecat, Jan Doyle Band

ns man flyer

Grab your advance tickets here!

£1.10 of every ticket goes to the Party For the People Foundation – A charitable organisation helping many charities such as Mind, for one.

If you are on low income or unwaged you can get a cheaper ticket here:



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Night Shift Sheffield – ATTRITION, DEFILE & Factory Acts

ns sheff5 flyer

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Night Shift Celebrates Siouxsie’s birthday weekend


siouxsie fests


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Night Shift Sheffield – Dyonisis, The Webb, Jan Doyle Band

ns sheffield 4

Following the huge success of the last event at Mulberry Tavern, we’re back for the fourth Night Shift event in Sheffield, this time featuring:


Formed in 2005, Dyonisis’ sound is a blend of organic and digital, labeled as ‘Ethereal Rock’, incorporating the delightful vulnerability and eccentricity of lead singer Nel. Her husband, Marcus creates rolling bass lines that underpin the shimmering guitars and programmed beats of Tom. The result is as luxurious as it is lacerating.

The Webb

Batcave goth for the 21st century! Ever popular around Yorkshire since their first visit to Doncaster many years ago, their punky goth electro remains as exciting as ever. Taking influences from Numan, Siouxsie and Alien Sex Fiend the result is nothing short of spectacular.

Jan Doyle Band

Prolific Doncaster darkwavers mix up styles from synth pop, punk, goth and industrial into a compulsive dramatic live performance. Described by some as Soft Cell meets The Sisters of Mercy by way of Bauhaus but never easy to pin down and never predictable.

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1 Year Anniversary of VCM+Eigenfrequenz’s Second Album

In honour of this massively mulit synthy ‘Berlin School’ collaboration (see below for details of what was used), we’re letting you download it for free! How lovely.

Here’s what was used in making the album:

Korg Micropreset
Korg Ms-20 Mini (Sequenced by two Doepfer Dark Time sequencers)
Korg Polysix
Roland CR-78
Roland CR-8000
Roland Juno 60
Roland SH-09
Roland SH-101
Roland TR-606
Roland TR-707
Roland VP-330
Yamaha DX7

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Astonishing new video from Soft Riot

Jack of Soft Riot (who are playing our next event don’t forget) says this about his amazing new video:

The world at times seems like a chaotic, malevolent and frightening place with world events, the environment and the chaotic acceleration of progress which occupies my thoughts a lot of the time, as well as my own life, which is negligible in comparison but nevertheless has its own problematic troubles.


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OUT NOW! Izzie Voodoo and the People – Photos EP

Izzie Voodoo and the People combines the wonderful synth talents Derek Williams of Jan Doyle Band and the magnificent vocals and lyrics from Izzie Kirk of Tokyo Witch Hunt. Despite both bands have a tendency toward the dark side the result of this is much more pure synthpop in tone. Derek says “It had been an ambition for a long time to produce something more pure synthpop, nothing particularly pretentious about it just damn good songs with general appeal. I think the result is pretty special and I’m really pleased with it.”

The project came about after Derek decided to do a remix of Izzie’s classic track The White Line, the music of which Izzie liked so much she wanted to make it an entirely new track. This was the track Sanity and thus a new project was born.

Derek excited at the prospect of creating some synthpop quickly set to work producing some rather synthwave influenced musics taking inspiration from the likes of College, Kavinksy, Electric Youth and so forth. Something pure unashamedly lovely synthpop rather than the darker music he is known for in Jan Doyle Band; a bright shiny pop heart beats beneath many a demonic persona…

It’s well known that anything touched by the hand of Ms Kirk turns to gold and these tracks on which she appears are clearly no exception. From the catchy vocal hooks of Photos, through the dancey techtronica of Sanity to the beautifully sincere synth ballad Ghost from the Past, this collaboration is one bound to delight even the most casual synthpop fan.

Here’s some quotes of what people have said about the project so far:

“Christmas has come early this year in the Form of Izzie Voodoo and The People ‘s brand new EP Photos 7 tracks of some of the finest electropop  making me an instant fan I’ve had it on repeat all week!!!” - Jason Older, Electronic Transmissions Radio

” Great synth work on this – really colourful analog synths and great melodies – works well with the vox. An exciting new, punky synth wave project – love it” Rob Green of Electro London / The Department 

” ‘The pumping energy and edginess is back with the excellent coupling of Izzie Voodoo and Derek Anthony Williams on the brilliant brand new EP Photos, do you ears a favor and download this excellent new EP now.” – Andrew Skerat Kennedy of Synthopia Electro Radio show

Released on the 14th of December 2015 on Doncaster Electronic Foundation ep rear

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Doncaster Electronic Foundation Halloween Masquerade No.3 – Out Now!

It’s finally here to download! Thanks to everyone who has been a part of it.

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